Lean Belly Breakthrough Review – Can you Lose 1 lbs Everyday or It Just another Bruce Krahn Scam?

This is a program created by Dr. Heinrick and Bruce Krahn that is targeted towards men and woman who are more than fifty years old. The main focus of this program is to work against stomach fat and problems that accompany it such as cardiac issues, depression and diabetes. These programs pose a great threat to our health and worry a lot of people. This program does not require the inclusion of any radical diet plans, drugs and something artificial like that. This is important to this program before you should consider trying it out. This program has a systematic approach and tries to make it as healthy as possible.

The approach that was referenced to is a ritual that is two minute long. This particular ritual was showed by Heinrick to Bruce Krahn and his father-in-law after he had gone through a severe heart attack. Krahn reported that after this there was a significant loss of weight, with the man dropping nine pounds of belly fat in three days and as much as thirty pounds in the period of one month.
Some of the information in this program includes:

  • Food that helps you to drop unwanted fat around your stomach. Diets are generally discouraged as they aren’t very effective.
  • Food that is bad for you and that cause heart attacks.
  • A listing of sweet options and desserts that is good for those people who suffer from blood sugar problems.
  • Overviewing of the symptoms of a heart that is at danger. This is highly informational and beneficial to your knowledge.
  • A method created by Dr.Heinrick that is developed to reduce excess fat that could exist in the different areas of your body.
  • An outlining of the different nutrients that exist in different foods, spices and herbs that have an effect on those hormones that are concerned with the storage of fats.
  • A comprehensive description on how you can use your inactive metabolism.
  • Explaining how you can burn more fats in a set amount of time.
  • A workout program created by Krahn called, “60 second belly shred” that is proven to have a definitive effect. If you follow this program and video for at least two weeks you will be highly satisfied with it.
  • A predefined plan of what you need to do in order to get rid of the belly fat and the train of health issues that go along with it.
  • A tracking sheet that you can use to keep check on how much progress you make.
    List of foods that improve your sexual health.

The important thing to remember is that this program is good but not a miracle. There are certainly a valuable amount of results depending on how you use it. However you should not be misled by the extravagant claims that are associated with it.

Understanding How Lean Belly Breakthrough Program Works

Visceral fat(abdominal or active fat) forms just like all the other fat that is in our body. If there is an excess of glucose then your body will not dispose of it, but will rather store it in specialized fat cells to be used later on. If you continue taking in calories faster than your body can use them, this fat will keep on with its growth.

The biggest issue that concerns people who have a lot of belly fat is that visceral fat releases cytokines. These cytokines escalate the risks of suffering from heart diseases and increase your chances of ending up with diabetes. These also raise your blood pressure and the amount of bad cholesterol (LDL), among other things. Basically, you will end up having to deal with a lot of dangerous diseases as a side-effect.

Even after watching the promo video, you will not be able to truly understand how this program works. However, you will be able to glean that this program uses things such as basic foods, spices and herbs along with 5 certain physical movements that you will perform in a particular manner in order to bring about a true effect.

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Lean Belly Breakthrough claims that after implementing these basic movements and eating the food as prescribed in the meal plans, you will be able to drop around ten percent of your body fat in just a period of two weeks. When you realize that a normal person has around 18% and 31% body fat then these figures turn out to be quite extravagant for just two weeks.

There end up being two causes of concern in this program. The first is the issue of weight loss being safe and healthy. It is the firm belief of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that if you lose one or two pounds a week, then this is safe and is the ideal situation if you want the results to be lasting. You will feel that The Lean Belly Breakthrough is a program like one of those crash diets, which most doctors warn their patients to be wary against. This is because if you lose weight at a rapid pace then this may affect the health of your body. It is also not a very stable scenario. Crash diets can help you in improving your looks in a short time, but you will eventually find yourself regaining that weight.

The second problem is that it is not possible for you to only get rid of the weight around your stomach. In the place of crash diets, it is by experience that people speak when they say that the only true way of losing weight is by a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Even if you do this, your fat loss will be at the same rate on all parts of your body. Conversationally speaking, targeted fat loss is nothing more than a myth. You can lose fat only on your stomach or even mostly.

How Lean Belly Breakthrough is Unique Than Other Programs?

The most appealing part of this program is that the creator, Bruce Krahn is a highly credible personal trainer who has a great amount of experience in this particular field. Krahn has worked as a fitness consultant for more than fifteen years and has worked with many celebrities. In this program you will find several meal plans that are very easy and enjoyable. Most people who have basic knowledge of health know that extreme diets have no marked effect so it is always pleasing to see a health program that does not have any of them.

This program works for everybody. After reviewing the meal plans and from personal experience, it is true that this program will have results on you no matter how old you are, even if it has been designed particularly for people who are a bit older in age. It is also simple to follow. It can be said that the main reason this program is so effective is that it is very easy for anyone to follow. The meal plans are very good and also delicious. The workout and follow-along videos that come along are also good. It is anyone’s game.

The basic reasons behind the problems are addressed in this program. There is a vast array of health and nutrition programs you will find that have a very temporary effect and only for a particular type of people. Almost all of such programs and diet plans have an unsteady effect and in the end you just go back to the initial point from where you began your efforts. This program is unique in the way that it has been designed in order to have a lasting effect and the results should not fade away. This is achieved by the degeneration of the root of the problem so that it can be eliminated with the help of the proper exercises and meals that are included in The Lean Belly Breakthrough.

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This program comes with a sixty day money return guarantee. Health and fitness programs are generally quite deviating and this is why people are skeptical before buying this. With this guarantee the people are comforted with the security of the deal. Sixty days is a very liberal time period in terms of time for a refund. This is what convinces most people of the confidence of the creators in their program.

About Bruce Krahn

Bruce is a professional health & nutrition expert providing personnel trainign service to hundreds of clients including celebrites like Criss Angel. He has appeared on almost all the major health shows & magazines including Revive and CityTV. He is a health speaker and has given lectures in some of the top comopanies.

He is the author of sevelra best selling books on Amazon and is considered an authority when it comes to innovative and strategic fitness & nutrition.

Some Concerns About Bruce Krahn’s Lean Belly Breakthrough Program

It is true that a person should have discipline and be consistent in their efforts if they want the fruits of their labor. This is why it is important to remember that the reason behind so many people being unable to achieve the desirable results is that they are not willing to put in any work from their own end. They are hoping for the results to materialize without any effort. Keep in mind that the herbs you intake or the meals you eat are not miraculous in any way and will not be able to help you reach your health goals spontaneously. The people who end up with good results are the ones who actually stick to the program and follow it in the proper way. This is the only way you can possibly achieve what you want.

This program is also no substitute for proper healthcare. If optimal fitness and healthy meals is what you seek, The Lean Belly Breakthrough is the program for you. These two things are vital to the stability of good health but you should never consider it to be something that can replace certified healthcare. A doctor is unable to be of any sort of assistance if you consume unhealthy junk food every day. In the same way The Lean Belly Breakthrough is unable to help if you refuse to meet with a trained medical professional. In order to be in good shape and be secure in your health, you need to take care of your health and maintain fitness.

We live in an advanced era where it is common for most texts, videos and courses to be in a digital format. However, not everyone is not in favor of such modernity. Even so, this is not a major issue because at the end of the day, your main objective is to reach your set goals, not fuss over the way the steps are presented.

Final Verdict About Lean Belly Breakthrough

It should be kept in mind that no program is able to make the fat that is in excess, go away with a few easy tricks and neither is it possible for anyone to drop one pound on a daily basis. This serves as an approach that is not realistic and it is not health either. Remember that most claims are highly exaggerated in order to boost sales, so it should all be taken with a pinch of salt. However, this program is also very effective to a certain limit. If The Lean Belly Breakthrough is able to help you in altering the eating habits you have in a good way and adding a consistency of working out then you should not shy away from using it. When you use this program, once you are further strengthened then you could go into further progressive types of exercises.

If you have spent a stretch of time going through the promotional video for this program, then you will be aware of its claims. Bruce Krahn says that the Lean Belly Breakthrough program has scientific evidence that supports it when it says that is able to help a person in losing a pound of fat around the stomach on a daily basis, with only two minutes of effort.

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Krahn believes that this program is able to help a person’s body on going back on the symptoms that are a result of cardiac problems and diabetes mellitus. This program will also improve the flexibility of your skin and joints, the energy of youth will be returned along with your levels of sexual desire. The crippling effects of arthritis may also be reversed. Bruce Krahn says that this program is able to make you feel years and years younger.
The Lean Belly Breakthrough is a better deal than prescription drugs, tiring and straining exercises and dodgy devices. This program works with only natural ingredients and exercises that are simple enough for you to perform in the comfort of your own house. Krahn says that all of the information has been given out in a systematic and sequential manner, with the instructions being step-based.

Maybe this is why the program has been able to help more than a hundred thousand people of every age in getting to the origins of their stomach fat, heart problems and diabetes mellitus. This is all done at a meager amount of cash and just two minutes every day.
While you will be told of the possible benefits of using this program, you might not be aware about how you will be able to reach the results you desire or hope for.

Even if you ignore the fact that most of such programs do not come with any explanation on how they work, people are dubious of their results. People think that they do not hold true with their excessive claims and that the information that is in such programs can be found online. This should be considered when you decide to purchase the product.

After all that you have read about this program, do you think it is worth it to spend your money on The Lean Belly Breakthrough? Do you actually think that this program will allow you to lose weight in your desired manner?

You should be proud that you have actually ventured into looking for ways to lose weight and stay healthy. Most of the time, taking the initial step towards the solution is the most difficult part of progression. When you take this initial step, you should ensure that you put in your full and true effort if you wish to be successful in reaching your goals.

First, let us be the first to say “congratulations!” for exploring ways to improve your health and lose weight! Often times, taking this first step is the biggest obstacle to overcome in your journey. The Lean Belly Breakthrough is a good way of losing weight in a quick way. It is a very important thing for people who are over the age of fifty to take care of their health. If they do not take special care, then their lives could be seriously endangered. The Lean Belly Breakthrough program is affordable and easily accessible. If you wish to lose weight in an easy and healthy way, then this product is best for you. It incorporates simple and easy-to-cook meals so that you will be able to make them no matter what your aptitude in cooking. The videos are easy to follow. Overall, this is a simple program and if your follow it in the way that Krahn recommends, and then you are assuredly in the right hands. This program helps you in achieving your desired point. If you put your effort into going along with this program, then you will find that your health and weight will be better than ever before.