The Good Ammunition for Target Stands

If the reader follows my latest advice i.e. bring the standard size pistol or revolver, simply by choosing a good ammunition that reaches the required power level will be served. The power of the shot will depend to some extent on the length of the gun, influencing its penetration, effective range, or expansion. Therefore, a need most authors point out is that ‘pocket’ ammunition must be more powerful than that of a standard size weapon, simply to compensate for the lack of acceleration due to a higher bore short. Almost all of the ammunition with loads plus power that I have located are hollow point, so, after the modification of the RA, I do not think it is a good idea to recommend them. However, I will review the different sizes commonly used in this type of weapons and I will point out details about them;

.22 Long Rifle

It is used with some frequency, since the arms that shoot it are small and light and the ammunition itself is very cheap and practically it is everywhere in lots. It is an insufficient gauge, although a close-range head shot will be deadly. In fact, there are cases of armed citizens who have defended themselves with .22 weapons, but statistically offers no guarantees. However, if we bow to this caliber, we will look for loads of the highest possible speed.

.25 ACP – 6.35 mm

Some weapons of this caliber are seen in the hands of the military or as inheritances. They have the advantages and disadvantages of .22lr plus one ammunition of 6.35 not cheap.

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.32 ACP – 7.65 mm Browning

It is very popular in pocket guns like the arch-famous Walther PPK. It is not recommended because of its low stopping power. It is one of the few options in terms of ammo and price.

.380 ACP – 9mm Short

It is another very popular caliber since the weapons that shoot it are still pocket, and many manufacturers of the beginning of the last century made them as churros for military commanders who did not want to ruin the uniform with bulky weapons. At the moment, it seems that many are pleading for their return, but experience tells us that it is a dangerous mistake; some projectiles of this caliber have been diverted by bones, briefcases, and even glasses, preventing them from penetrating the aggressor’s skull, so it makes a great choice for steel target stands. It is also expensive and hard to find.

.38 Special

The evolution of a black powder cartridge, hence the size of its sheath, is extremely popular in short-barreled revolvers. For many years, it has been the paradigm of the back-up weapon in addition to its use as a sports caliber, making it practically as universal as the .22lr. There are a multitude of real documented cases, since it was the standard caliber of the US Police for decades and it is still in many police stations and in private security, and it loads a lot of private weapons of officials. The important thing to know about it is the marginal caliber, the minimum that gives certain guarantees, and with light projectile lead has been disastrous.

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