Using Bench Vises in Your Shop or Business

A bench vise is a very common workshop tool that is used primarily to steady an object, so that it may be worked upon with the other tools and devices. The standard equipment in any wood or metal working facility takes in the bench and tower vises, angle vises, drill presses as well as a wide variety of the clamps and braces which are intended to make drilling, sanding, polishing and a few other processes quite easier to accomplish. While the basic principles of use apply to both woodworking and metal machining, the equipment can be very different and with regard to milling machine vises are often more complex.

When you are performing a mill work as a professional machinist, you must adhere to the strict production guidelines that leave little tolerance for the product variation. To achieve the uniformity in quality and workmanship, careful attention to set-up and calibration is always required before any manufacturing can begin and this will include properly adjusting the machine vises to prepare material for alteration.

Depending on the work to perform, a bench vise can be a simple bench top model. The majority of the bench vises is comprised of the three parts which are as follows;

  1. The fixed jaw
  2. The movable jaw
  3. The screw

The fixed jaw of the bench vise stays in place while the screw adjusts the movable jaw. When you are using this type of bench vise, you must first make sure that the entire bench vise is securely fastened to the bench or the surface of the table. You should check any hardware responsible for preventing the bench vise from moving or vibrating as well to ensure the proper working conditions. The loose hardware in this area may allow the material you will be working with to move even if it is securely clamped in the milling bench vise.

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Therefore, it is a vital aspect that you a clear picture of the tool you are going to buy for use personally or professionally. If you would like to have more exposure about the use of bench vises and which ones are the best ones on the market, you can find out more info at which is a dedicated online review portal for the consumers where they can read the detailed description of the products they want to buy along with their good and bad pints.