My name is Anne Harley and I am the founder of TheSivlerBrid.com. I love to help people in achieving their fitness & life goals. I am from NYC and I like swimming and running.

I am a medical & fitness researcher and blogger by profession. I decided to start this blog to publish my findings and helping other people. Later on we added some experts who contribute on different topics like Lifestyle on this blog. Our mission is to provide meaningful and actionable information to people and help them making a better and informed choice when it comes to better living.

On thesivlerbird.com, I and my team strives to provide you with trustworthy information in different categories. My personal philosophy is life is short, so why not enjoy your limited time here on Earth rocking a fit body you feel comfortable in? I strongly believe that you owe that to yourself! & My goal is to assist you in becoming the strongest version of yourself.