2 Kinds of Impact Wrenches

In this post, we will look at the two types of impact wrenches in detail.

The Manual Impact Wrenches

This is the key itself, which emerged long before we had compressed air or electric power wrench, when the workers used a manual version of the current impact wrench, applying the same principle of the common wrench and hammer as we use it today. Even today, in the modern models, these handwheels are useful for the home or hobbyist as well as for simple and infrequent tasks.

Those who work in workshops and use these tools often will certainly prefer pneumatic or electric impact wrenches, which are much less time consuming and are easier to handle as well.

2 Kinds of Impact Wrenches

This is the most traditional and economical type, although it requires an air compressor to provide compressed air which acts as a driving force to drive the tool. Since the air consumption of a pneumatic impact wrench is quite high, a compressor of sufficient magnitude is needed to supply the air in the effective manner.

Pneumatic impact wrenches come in different sizes and powers, from models that can be handled with one hand to those requiring the intervention of two people, so that each one adapts to the needs of the user.

Today’s pneumatic impact wrenches feature an ergonomic design that reduces the fatigue despite of many hours of continuous work. However, the disadvantage is that it is very powerful and difficult to regulate, since it does not have a variable speed trigger. This means that it is ideal for removing large bolts that are very tight or rusty, but cannot act on the small pins or other delicate objects without breaking, heading or tearing them.

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Therefore, if we look for a traditional tool that allows us to work for longer period of time, the pneumatic impact wrench is a good choice for sure. But if we need a tool that can operate at several different power levels, or if we do not have space to install a compressor, then it is a good idea to look for an electric impact wrench.

There are two more kinds which are known as wired electric impact wrenches and cordless impact wrenches. When you are choosing the most suitable tool to remove/install screws or bolts, many people ask the question if they should use an impact wrench or a drill. As we have seen, the answer lies not only in the power we need, but also in the dimensions and/or the type of screw or bolt.