How to Find a Perfect Life Partner?

Do you remember the last time you had a relationship break-up, and it felt worse than stubbing your pinky against the table leg? Well, scientists have finally proven your qualms correct. Emotional pain from heartache can feel as real as physical pain. It is because the emotional hurt you feel tends to trigger those specific parts of the brain which are responsible for processing physical pain.

It is why we all feel intense pain at the end of a broken relationship. It is also why we all hate having our hearts broken. Finding the wrong life partner is the perfect recipe for heartbreak. If you and your life partner have a massive clash in your personalities, chances are, your relationship might not survive for too long.

perfect life partner

Dating may be one way to judge whether your life partner is suitable for you or not. You could even try out bisexual, gay, and lesbian dating sites to search for people meeting your preferences. Additionally, there are also certain traits that you need to search in a life partner to ensure they are perfect and suitable for you.

Respect Is Necessary:

Living in a relationship that lacks respect can be extremely toxic. It is torturous to spend your life with someone who continually degrades you, devalues your ambitions, and personality. It can be detrimental to the mental and emotional well-being of the partner. Also, if suffered in the long-term, it may have significant negative impacts on physical fitness too.

Mutual respect is one of the most prominent driving forces of a healthy relation. The relationship may soon die down if, respect is not carried through. You must select a partner who shows signs that they are a generally respectful person. You may have to judge how they interact with and treat people. These may be subtle to catch, but a period of dating may be able to expose their personality.

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Will They Adjust with Your Family?

It is not only you who your better half has to live with but also your family. Your family is a significant part of your life; hence, it is essential to have a partner who is going to gel in quickly with your closed ones. You will spend most of your time with them, and they must accept your family. You may also plan a life with them, which will make it all-the-more crucial for your partner and your family to get along.

You may be able to judge whether your significant other and your relatives are getting along or not in the initial visits. Try probing into how they believe your family to be, and if they would like spending time often with them? It is essential since, in the initial years, being cordial and respectful is an obligation. However, generally, as time passes by, if they do not get along, the relationship takes a toll.

Know Their Intellect:

Having a life partner means spending the majority of your life together. If you get into a relationship with a person that does not have similar ambitions or goals as you, it may cause issues in the relationship. Being a high-achiever and tremendously assertive in achieving your dreams will require that you find a person who sees things on the same level as you. Your aims and objectives will define your life pattern, and your significant other needs to agree to it for both of you to live a happy life.

Find Some Awesome Friends First:

Having good friends would show you what to look for in a partner. All relationships need to base on the foundations of friendship. It is your friends who understand you the most and are there at the time of need. They suffer with you through thick and thin. Hence, your friends will set a standard of how all your relationships should be.

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Pick out the topmost qualities you need people around you to have. It would tell you what you cannot compromise. If you cannot make friends who go missing-in-action for days, then most probably, you will not be able to get along with such a partner as well.

Anger Management Skills: 

Anger management is a crucial skill that we need in every aspect of our lives. We must manage our anger and rage at the workplace, with children, parents, partners, etc. A person who has unresolved anger issues and turns into an entirely different individual when in a fury, may not be able to carry on a healthy relationship.

All relationships go through rough patches. There will be times when you both will be at the brink of breaking apart, but you will have to work through and stay together. It is what about relationships are all. But if anger gets the best of your partner, then it may be impossible to revert. Often, in anger, we say or do things that we mostly regret later on. If your potential partners quickly fire up or lose their temper, then that is a red flag; run the other way!

The Ability to Apologize and Move On:

To set aside your differences and apologize is a crucial trait to sustain a healthy relationship. Staying stuck in the past and holding grudges will make things go spiral down in your relationship. Fights and rifts are frequent in a married companionship. What is essential is to be able to get over the arguments and start back fresh.

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You should judge if your potential partner easily let goes of issues or tends to drag a fight over for days. The latter is a negative sign and will not be appropriate for a healthy relationship.

Shared Values:

Do you see your boyfriend and cringe when they throw litter on the street? Most people hate littering and rightly so; it negatively impacts our living environment. These are known as the values of living. What you think is right and ethical, and what you believe to be wrong and unjust. It will be imperative to find a partner who feels over the same lines. Living with a person who does not share the same moral grounds with you will make things difficult for both of the individuals in the relation.


For a healthy and lengthy relationship, it is necessary to select a partner that goes along with your personality and traits. You both must think over the same lines when it comes to the core aspects of life. Therefore, be very particular and fussy in judging your potential partner and run as fast as you can if the need be!