4 Models of Cordless Impact Wrench

Most of the cordless tool manufacturers include screwdrivers drills in their product line and, although their performance is similar, it is important to know how to choose a cordless impact wrench for the reason that each offers different features. Because everyone uses a lithium battery, you will choose the cordless impact wrench that uses the battery charger system you are using. The following impact wrenches have as many features as you would want in the one you want to get.

1 – RIDGID Gen5X

This cordless impact wrench comes with 18V and 1/4 inch brushes and it provides 2,250 pounds per inch of torque and superior runtime. It features 50 percent longer life, triple protection electronics, extreme weather performance and a battery level indicator. The three-speed configuration allows for power and speed adjustment, 3 triple-beam LED lights eliminate shadows around the drill bit and the single-hand quick-charging chuck facilitates and speeds up the drill change.

2 – Ryobi

It offers 3,200 impacts per minute and more than 1,600 pounds per inch of torque, and it is 33 percent faster and more powerful than the previous model. Its features include a self-loading chuck, single-handed drill shifts, variable speed trigger and a three-beam LED light that illuminates the work area and eliminates shadows. Its magnetic tray holds the screws and drill bits foe ease. It is lithium ion compact and has lightweight batteries and it can be recharged in 60 minutes and can be stored in the charger when it is not in use for maximum performance.

3 – Makita LXT

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It is 18V brushless cordless impact wrench with 18V Quick Shift screwdriver and it weighs 3.3 lbs. It combines precision and control with 1,550 lbs. of torsion clamping. Its three-speed control allows the users to tie the speed and impact energy with shift work. The brushless motor is electronically controlled to increase battery’s run time up to 50 percent. The Quick Shift mode has an automatic electronic controller that slows down as well as rotates and impacts before inserting a screw. It is designed to minimize stripping of screw threads, breakage of screws and damage to the materials.

4 – Milwaukee M18 Fuel

This cordless impact wrench features four-mode insertion control to provide greater control of output speed and power. In Mode 1, the impact offers 0-850 rpm, in Mode 2, 0-2100 rpm, and in Mode 3 0-3000 rpm. Mode 4 is for self-tapping screws, which reduces the displacement of the screw tip when starting to insert, as well as over insertion, breaks and buckles. It offers is impact of 1800 pounds per inch of torsion clamping and Milwaukee’s Redlink Plus intelligence prevents tool and battery to damage from overcharging and overheating.