A Brief Introduction to the Impact Wrenches

Many people associate the cordless impact wrenches with auto repair and tire repair. While it is true that these mechanics and gummers increase the productivity of their workshop by taking advantage of the benefits of these tools to easily extract the bolts that would otherwise be very difficult to maneuver, the cordless impact wrench also find wide application in other areas. The examples are the manufacturing, steel, mining, oil, aeronautics, agricultural, construction, and all those situations where strong cordless impact wrench is required so as to remove or attach the nuts or bolts.

The cordless impact wrench, or more appropriately, impact gun, as we know them today were introduced into the market about 75 to 80 years ago. The look they present does not appear to be very different from that of a drill, but beyond this, both tools work in a very different manner.

How does a cordless impact wrench function?

While a drill provides constant rotational energy at the comparatively higher speed, a cordless impact wrench is designed in a way to give higher torque at a lower speed. Moreover, they don’t even give a constant torque. Its performance could be understood as very similar to the fact of placing a key in a nut or screw that we want to loosen and to hit the key with hammer, making it turn by short and gradual sections.

When a cordless impact wrench is energized, its internal ‘hammer’ hits an anvil, which is connected to a square or hexagonal dowel in the operative end of the tool. This prints a rotation to the pipe wrench connected to the mandrel and that rotation is the one used to adjust or loosen the desired nut or the bolt.

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The great advantage that impact keys have on other similar tools is that this action of hammering achieves two important effects of which a common drill lacks. First of all, it exerts higher power which can be applied with some typical wrench or with a torsion bar. In the second place, action of hammering has a tendency to loosen the oxide and other deposits holding the nut or bolt attached to the surface and considerably hampering its removal.

Kinds of Impact Wrenches

At present, there are four kinds of impact wrenches which can be purchased from the market as well as from online stores. The kinds of impact wrenches are as follows;

Compressed air or pneumatic
Cordless impact wrench which is powered with a rechargeable battery.