Brief Reviews Of Different Milwaukee Cordless Impact Wrenches

Milwaukee’s ¼ inch cordless impact wrench and Milwaukee M18 Fuel technology combine Milwaukee’s Powerstate brushless motor, RedLithium battery pack and Redlink Plus electronic intelligence to deliver up to 3 times longer engine life and nearly 50 percent more execution time. This powerful construction tool features Milwaukee’s unique 3-way Command Control feature.

The 3-speed control gives the user greater control over power as well as speed needed for specific uses. With the button’s push, the users can go get the precise use as it is the case of tightening small screws, to a usage which needs extreme power such as placing compression screws.

The new Powerstate brushless electric motor of the Milwaukee impact hexagonal wrench delivers more power, longer life, and it transforms power into torque with higher efficiency as compared to any of the competing brushless motors. Milwaukee’s unique design, engineering and construction of Powerstate engine delivers up to 1,600 foot-pounds torque and 0 to 2,900 rpm. Also, the engine lessens the noise and it also helps in cooling down faster which helps in providing many years of power without maintenance.

According to Milwaukee, their RedLithium batteries provide longer runtime, power and recharge quickly as compared with any lithium item in market, even under extreme working conditions. The RedLithium battery operates to keep the device cooler and operates at the temperatures as low as 0° F without losing power. The battery level indicator shows the remaining charge. All Milwaukee M18 Fuel products include a new multi-voltage charger that allows the users to charge all M18 and M12 batteries with a single charger.

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The intelligent RedLink Plus hardware as well as software of this Milwaukee hex impact wrench allows the users to choose three different grip modes using Drive Control.

Mode 1

It is for precision jobs (0 to 850 rpm with 200 pound of torque)

Mode 2

It helps in the prevention of harm to the fasteners as well as material (0 to 2,100 rpm, 700 pound-feet of torque)

Mode 3

It provides more power for stronger uses (0 to 2,900 rpm, 1,600 foot-pounds of torque).

Specifications of Milwaukee Model 2653-22

With weight of 3.6 lbs. M18 Fuel Milwaukee Hexagonal cordless Impact wrench, model 2653-22, provides a maximum torque of 1,600 foot-pounds and the tool length is 5½ inches. The package includes the cordless impact wrench, anchor hook, two RedLithium battery packs, a multi-voltage charger and the carrying case.

Specifications of Milwaukee Model 2653-22CT

Milwaukee hexagon impact wrench with M18 Fuel, model 2653-22CT, provides a maximum torque of 1,6000 foot-pounds, it weighs 3 pounds and measures 5½ inches. Its kit includes the cordless impact wrench, the anchor hook, two compact RedLithium battery packs, a multi-voltage charger and the carrying case.

Specifications of Milwaukee Model 2653-20

Milwaukee 2653-20 hex cordless impact wrench delivers a maximum torque of 1,600 foot-pounds, it weighs 2.1 pounds and measures 5½ inches. This kit only includes the impact wrench and the anchor hook.