The Best Bluetooth Hoverboards to Consider

For many years, the concept of hoverboards had been a part of every child’s dreams and sci-fi movies did a lot to further broaden the horizons of their imagination. That dream was soon partially realised in the form of devices that did not exactly levitate, but allowed you to cover a lot of distance on the ground without breaking a sweat. Here we will look at some hoverboards that upgraded the experience with Bluetooth speakers, lights and some other attractions.

Skque I1

Starting from the economical models, Skque I1 is a standard model with the right amount of perks to satisfy your needs. While its looks may leave a lot to be desired, it comes with the standard speed limit of 8mph and range of 12 miles on a full battery. The inferior looks cut down its price a bit compared to the stylish X1, which is why it is perfect for those just looking for functionality.

Hoverzon XLS

Things get a little heated up when you move on to more expensive models like Hoverzon XLS. Apart from the standard LED lights and Bluetooth speakers, this bad boy also features anti slip pedals, a much superior build quality, and light indicators for both battery and movement. The 8mph speed limit and 12-mile range is pretty much the standard as in most models.

Swagtron T3

The most stylish of its peers, Swagtron T3 looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. It offers the same additional features that Hoverzon boasts of along with a much more stylish look. It dips down a bit in the range area with 11 mile range compared to the standard 12 mile ranges of the models. The 8mph limit is the same, as it has UL 2272 safety certification.

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Spaceboard Electric Self Balancing

With a body that is both durable as well as appropriate according to the name, the Spaceboard is a must have if you are looking for both safety and durability. The protective rubber underside, water resistant body, and the 325-pound weight capacity are all significant features that make the Spaceboard stand out. It definitely will attract any Star Wars or Star Trek fans out there with its streamlined spaceship look.

NEX Smart Balancing

This particular hoverboard has it all. Flashy looks, durable body and functionality, and all that for a price that cannot be categorised as expensive. With powerful Bluetooth speakers that work in all settings and 8-inch wheels that perform well on terrains of all types, this hoverboard can fulfill all your needs and desires.