Top 6 Bluetooth Hoverboards on the Market

If you are investing good amount on quality purchasing Bluetooth hoverboards, I assure you will have durable product with higher functionality. You can find the best Bluetooth hoverboards available in the following list I have compiled for you.

1 – SGLEDS Hoverboard with Bluetooth and Samsung Battery

It’s available on the market with Bluetooth system and strong Samsung battery and is cleared by safety. It has 100 capacity of carrying weight and is being offered in different colors i.e. red, green, blue, black, white and golden, so that you can choose according to your taste. It can cover maximum distance of 20 kilometers with maximum speed of 10 kilometers/h.

2 – IU Smart X1 with Bluetooth and Mobile Control

Its battery is removable and it takes two to three hour for charging. It has middle size wheel with eight inches of diameter. This product is suitable for adults and children and it can cover distance of 40-60 km in one charge. You can pick it with your favorite color.

3 – 2016 Newest Two Wheel Smart Balance with Bluetooth Hoverboard

This new product has the latest function of climbing up to 25 degrees and it can carry up to 130 kg weight. It takes 4 hours for full charging. This is waterproof up to level five waterproof systems and is good according to the safety level. It has varieties in colors.

4 – 6.5 inches Speedway Bluetooth Self Balance Electric Standing Hoverboard Scooter

It is safe in use with two self-balancing wheels. It takes 1-2 hours for charging and it can cover 10 to 30 kilometers distance with one charge. In this product, lithium battery is used and its wheels are small in size with 6.5 inches of diameter. It is not safe for children.

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5 – 8 Inch Smart BALANCE WHEEL Bluetooth Hoverboard

Its eight inch smart wheel is good in maintaining balance. You can cover the distance of 40-60 kilometers with one charge and it can be charged within small charging time of 1 to 2 hours. Its maximum speed is 10 kilometer per hour and it can lift weight of 120 kilograms.

6 – 2016 Unique 8-Inch New Type with Bluetooth and App Control Hoverboard

This eco-friendly transportation is good and safe for children and adults. With eight inch diameter wheels, you can have smart control on your balance. It can take maximum 100 kilogram weight and it comes in variety of colors. Its maximum speed is 10-12 kilometers per hour and maximum range it can cover is 15-20 kilometers per charge.