What is a Station Pearl Necklace?

I must admit that I love my strands of pearls. I am one of those people who will wear pearl necklaces with a T-shirt and jeans. I do not need a ‘special’ occasion to pull them out of my necklace case. I adore pearls and how they make me feel. I love how they pull together any outfit, from the dressiest to the most casual like with my jeans.

Are you a pearl lover too, but want to wear a more casual look every day than a full strand of pearls? Are you looking for the elegance that a traditional pearl necklace offers, without the sometimes stuffy effect that a full strand of pearls exudes? If you are, then I have a suggestion for you here. A station pearl necklace will be the perfect option for you to wear on a daily basis.

A pearl station necklace is usually a chain necklace, often gold or silver, but can also be made of other materials such as leather, cord, or ribbon. A silver pearl or a gold pearl station necklace will often be more expensive than pearls strung on leather, but it also depends on the quality of the pearls themselves. They are then magically sprinkled at even intervals around the necklace which creates a lighter and airier look.

A cultured pearl station necklace is a great standalone piece of jewelry. It has enough presence to be noticed, but it is not overwhelming in the least. It is also perfectly suited to layering, as well. You can layer it with virtually anything, from other pearl necklaces that you may already have to fashion chain necklaces with other gemstones or beads. Their organic nature make them incredibly flexible and wearable.

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The other great thing about them is that you can often find them at an extremely affordable price. A leather pearl station necklace can be found at a wide range of prices, usually starting under $50. Of course, the precious metal is often costlier for the reason that gold and silver are priced higher in the marketplace. If you want to go for even cheaper price, a faux pearl station necklace can be found in many department stores at the bargain prices.

The pearls do not have to be prim and pricey. There are a lot of different styles and price points available when you just take the time to look. I love mine and wear it often. It is comfortable, versatile as well as affordable. It is also a perfect anytime piece of jewelry, which is essential for a busy or on-the-go mom.