Starfish Pearl Necklace – A Simple Way to Have a Connection with Nature

For those of you who know me, and for those of you just getting to know me, there is something you will learn right away. I love, love, love spending time at the ocean. In a sometimes chaotic world, it is the one place that I find complete solace and peace. The beach is not nearly as close as I would like it to be, but after a long car ride, nothing makes it more worthwhile than that first glimpse of the beach and water. It is just feels like coming home.

It is only natural then, that I would have an affinity with starfish jewelry. Not only starfish, I should clarify, but a starfish pearl necklace. A starfish and pearls are the perfect pairing of nature’s purest beauty. They represent all the allure and bounty that the sea shares with us.

I have come across a variety of starfish necklace styles that truly capture the elegance and charm of a sea-inspired piece of jewelry. Often, you will find a simple gold or silver starfish pendant dangling next to a solitary pearl on a simple chain. This is understated sophistication at its finest. I have one of these pearl starfish necklaces in my own collection. When I need a simple, uncomplicated piece that truly connects me to the sea, I reach for that necklace every time.

On the other end of the spectrum, I have found quite a few options of pearl necklaces with large, statement piece starfish pendants. It can be worn traditionally with the starfish in the center of your neck. For a more updated, modern look, though, spin the starfish to the side and you have added visual interest to an otherwise ‘regular’ look. A choker pearl necklace really makes this look pop.

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I am also attracted to starfish pearl necklaces that incorporate other semi-precious and precious gemstones to articulate the sea. Various shades of blue stones, such as blue topaz, Peruvian opal, and blue chalcedony add personality to your necklace and mimic the vivid blue of the ocean waters.

You have many options if you are fond of the ocean and want to celebrate it by wearing starfish pearl jewelry. Usually we choose jewelry pieces that speak to us and represent things which we consider important and meaningful in our lives. The necklaces honoring the sea are a great way to feel connected to the nature, or to gift to someone special who shares your fondness for the water and its bounty. To buy the best necklaces, visit the opal necklace shop.