3 Significant Tips to Create a Stronger Password

Surely you are tired of reading that it is important to follow the tips on choosing your passwords. And many people also remind you to change them often, do not use the same passwords for more than a few services you use and have little or no relationship with your personal info to make it more difficult to guess such as you should not put the name of your dog or something else close to you.

In fact, all of these points are true and we will not tire of repeating it, but we are also aware of the effort that we are asking you for creating a secure password. Remembering so many complicated keys is not easy and that’s why today we want to share some very simple tricks to generate a secure passwords and, at the same time, which is not impossible to memorize.

1 – From a sentence

Think of a phrase that has some meaning for you and, if possible, for no one else. Let it not be too short, so that it is difficult to guess, nor very long, so that you can easily remember it. If they have capitals and numbers, it will be better. If there is any symbol, it will be magnificent. For example, I choose ‘May the Force be with you’. Now take the first letter of each word and you get ‘mtfbwy’. Now it unique password but there are no good 6 digit passwords, so you have to make it a bit longer to make it strong enough. If you add a symbol and a number in it, you will surely generate one you difficult to guess or hack. I just gave you an example of famous movie dialogue, but you choose something not famous and easy to remember for yourself.

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2 – Combine Two Words

Choose two words, again, it will be better if they mean something just for you and build another by alternating their letters. If you have selected ‘Bells’ and ‘Light’, the base of your new password will be ‘bleilglhst’. It does not have numbers or symbols, so you will have to use it as a starting point to reinforce it with the numbers and symbols.

3 – Turn Vowels into Numbers

It is a popular trick that cybercriminals already know and deal with, but it can work very well to complement any of the other systems. Returning to the example of the previous point, our provisional key ‘bleilglhst’ becomes another somewhat more secure when we replace vowels with numbers and symbols which will result in ‘bl31lglhst’.