Roblox Game Genres, Types Of Base Games And List Of Famous Games

Roblox Game Genres


In these games, to loot and to sail is not enough.


They are based on s sport such as football, basketball, tennis and many others.

Old West

You have everything which happens from riding until a drink in the saloon in the old west.

Skate Park

You have all the excitement of backflips, 180°, ramps and much more.

Town and City

It is about a very quiet community in the Robloxville.


You can have the fun from an alien world coming to the earth or a visit to the moon.


If you are into horror and zombies, it is the right genre for you.


As its name suggests, you have the helicopters, tanks or it could even be a friendly paintball.

Types of Base Games

When you are making a game, in configuration you can choose among the following options;

Happy Home in ROBLOXIA

Selecting this option will generate a game with a big house that you can enter.

Map of Basic Blocks War

Selecting this option will generate a flat sand area with two castles that, at the beginning, give you weapons to kill the enemies.

Empty Base

When selected, it gives you an empty grass world with enough space to build.

Basic Personal Server

This option gives you a booth and a window appears in which you can decide how you want the earth to be generated, and when leaving the free game, without building mode, it is saved automatically, and you can enter the game and follow what you were doing.

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List of the Famous Games in Roblox

Heli Wars

This war game was played most, but now only less than 100 people play it. It has received more than 9,000,000 visits.

Call of Duty: Roblox At War

This Call of Duty game is in the form of Roblox. Now it is among the most played in Roblox. It also has more than 9,000,000 visits.

Welcome to Roblox Building

In this game, you can build everything you want but with limited blocks.


You can build everything you want with unlimited blocks.

Sword Fighting Tournament

This game changed Roblox in sword fights and people still play it a lot.

Ultimate Paintball

This game was gotcha and was very good.

Survive The 87 Disasters

This game also changed Roblox in which you have to survive the disasters.


This game changed the races and has received 2,000,000 visits.

Rescue or Be Rescued

As the name suggests, you need to rescue or be rescued.

Pilot Paradise

It is a game that also made a great impact in Roblox. You get on the plane you want, start flying and explore.

Wingz World V

This game is about exploring on airplanes.