Why should You Choose SoundCloud for Music Promotion?

Many people take SoundCloud as a way to have their music in the cloud to share on other networks, but they are wrong. In SoundCloud, there is a lot of inner life itself that can be beneficial if you go deeper in this network for proper SoundCloud music promotion.

Soundcloud groups are the key, as they are created by the users looking to connect with people with whom they can share their music. But there are not only musicians and producers sharing their creations for the sake of art, there are a lot of radio and club DJs and also simple fans of new and original music present, especially in alternative and underground styles.

When you intend to do SoundCloud music promotion, you need to try to locate as many SoundCloud groups as possible in which you share music from the genres where you work, and each time you upload new material, add it to those groups. Once you have the followers, check their profiles and see if they have accounts in other social networks to be able to contact them, or if in your personal information have included a specific email address to receive the promos pertaining to SoundCloud music promotion.

Soundcloud has a very interesting feature if you have a premium account, in which you can have some statistics, so that you can check the nationality of the people who listen to your music. It comes very well to play with this data, because if your music has better tracking in a certain territory, when it is time to buy advertising on Facebook to promote your profile there, you may want a SoundCloud music promotion campaign addressed to the people from that country or countries .

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You have to probe the record labels of those countries where people are enjoying musical genre having a good time. You can also view the reproductions per day or at the certain periods of time and analyze how long after you upload your music has the greatest impact. If there is nothing else to upload, you have many reproductions and in the days after they fall, it is that your followers are really the true followers and are aware of what you upload. If, on the contrary, your music reproductions are more scattered, you do not have true and faithful followers.

Remember that there is one thing you should never do when you conduct SoundCloud music promotion campaign, and it is to massively send messages asking people to listen to your music as it may sabotage your campaign overall.