How to Promote Your Musical Creations on SoundCloud?

SoundCloud allows you to promote your musical creations. In this article, we show you how to do your SoundCloud music promotion in the most effective manner.

Follow People

Use keywords to find people who have the same musical tastes as you do. You can click on an artist you know and start following. Remember that you cannot follow too many people before a certain amount of time passes, or else you may receive a warning. This allows SoundCloud to avoid spam and bots.

SoundCloud allows you to have a maximum of 2,000 Follows per account. If you follow a person you recently deleted from your Unfollow list, you run the risk of being blocked and you will not be able to follow anymore, in the same way, if you follow too many people in a short period. If you insist for a certain period of time after the warning, your account will be blocked, usually 2 to 3 days. If you keep insisting, the blocking period will increase to a week and so on. On the menu, click Following to access the following information i.e. Following , Followers, Playlist, Likes and Comments.

Pick Up Followers

Often, following a person will do the same. In addition, regularly add musical content to your profile for the reason that this will be spread in the flow of all people who follow you, which will improve your stats over time.

Another way to capture followers is to have music productions with good sampling. SoundCloud is not based on the weight of the file but over time. This allows you to place files with heavier formats such as .WAV for better quality.

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Share Your Music Productions

When a user wants to share his or her music, he or she will direct you to their page. If this user has many friends or is known, the number of reproductions of your music can increase considerably and be shared many times.

Comment and Follow

Like taking care of your fans, creating community and interacting with it does not mean strafing them with your new releases or promos. Think, what they like most. Start doing this with the artists you like, or with the contacts that might be the key as it is the perfect way to break the ice if you do not know each other and you will see how soon the results come without forcing, and in a very natural way.

You can see SoundCloud music promotion is not that difficult if you go with the rules and take care of the taste of your followers.