The Basic Rules in the World of Roblox

Hi, I have decided to make this post about the Roblox rules and the reason for this is because I see several who break the rules without even knowing of their existence. And it is best to inform them before they are banned. We are supposed to follow the rules or else we have to face the music.

With this post, I cannot force you to follow the rules, but it is just an informative post to help you remain protected when you play. You must remember that if you still do not follow them, do not complain when Roblox discovers and take a serious action against your account.

The rules of Roblox were made for the enjoyment of all the players and to make Roblox a better experience. But you also have to remember that there are small children playing Roblox and because of that they created rules for their safety, and in several cases, of the whole community. Without those rules, Roblox would not be what it is now and it would probably be considered for people a little older.

The sections of the rules is quite long, so I will summarize it here for your ease of understanding.

You must have a good attitude.

Roblox is a game for all ages, so you have to maintain a positive attitude when you create and play the games. The expression of negative emotions towards a person such as hatred, anger, etc. will be punished with a temporary or permanent ban. Examples of this are insulting someone, showing hatred to another person for being new, among others.

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Personal Information

In most cases, you should not say personal information such as cell phone number, where you live, among others. Roblox has made this a rule to protect those who are under 13 years of age. Punishment for a failure of this level may come as a warning to a temporary ban.

Cyberbullying and Harassment

It is to be expected that there are certain people who come to the point of seeking the same person to insult him or her. In Roblox, this is not tolerated and it is one of the most basic rules. The punishment can be from temporary ban to permanent ban.

Implantation and Defamation

We all have our identities and we do not want to be defamed and take the false identity of another person. It deserves varied punishment in Roblox world.


Roblox looks for a comfortable place to play, talk and socialize, either way, it is not a dating site and this behavior is not allowed.

Sexual or Exaggeratedly Violent Content

It is a game for all ages and that kind of content can be disturbing for young children, so you must avoid it.