Top 5 Handheld Game Consoles

When it comes to the best handheld games, consoles you need to make a perfect choice according to your budget and need. There are a number of handheld game consoles available in the marketplace by a number of leading brands and tags; all you need is to get the best one for you according to your need and level. There are handheld game consoles for the basic level to the professional and ultimate gamers as well. In the list of top seven, you can get the best option according to your interest to buy that will be just like your own kind.

1 – Sony PlayStation Vita

At the best and one the top, we have Sony PlayStation Vita that comes up with a powerful and unbeatable Quad Core processor, Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi support, online gaming platform, 600+ games and a support internal memory with the HD display to have best gaming experience. This is something that you are looking for on the verge of your gaming and will help you to have the next level in your gaming passion

2 – Nintendo 3DS XL

On the second number is you are looking for a best and relativity economic option then here is Nintendo 3DS XL that will bring the dual screen with High Definition along with a powerful Dual-core processor, WiFi support, online gaming platform, internal memory and many other highlighted features. This is an ideal and attractive package for the intermediate level gamer to have their own handheld game console.

3 – Nvidia Shield

On the number three, we have another royal option that comes up with the heavy memory of 16 GB and lets you have the best gaming experience with the Quad Core processor and many other supportive features. Although the game range is just limited to, 100+ but you can go for the online browsing and online gaming platforms as well. This will be a kind of good and productive handheld game console for you.

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4 – Nintendo Switch

The solid piece of hardware that delivers the ultimate gaming feel in a small packed box and lets you have the fun on its ultimate level.

5 – Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo released the cheaper version of 3DS, named as 2DS for the younger gamers to let them have all the fun at a lighter hand, it is light in weight and packed with the different games and many other options in general that are a value added to it.

If you want to get the best features, you must choose PlayStation portable.