How To Select A Handheld Game Console?

Extreme game lovers always want the best features in the game gadgets which they buy. With the progression in technology, every upcoming version of the game consoles has new and more advanced features. Young boys are fonder of playing video games to kill their spare time. Parents also want their kids to stay at home instead of spending time outside playing with their friends; it is best option for the parents to provide their kids the best possible sources of entertainment that aids them to be amused. Boys get bore by playing the same games over and over again, so new and more unique games are being launched continuously for the last few years.

What matters is the type of game you should select to spend the relaxation time. Here, we are providing you tips to select the best game Handheld consoles for yourself and your family. You should consider these features while selecting the best pre-packed video games


The game which you are going to buy should be reliable and affordable. The best video console game has pre installed latest games and all the upcoming versions provide the VR box along with the game console. Game boxes should have 3D effect in the latest versions, so look for those companies like Nintendo 3DS and the PS versions which provide the 3D glasses as well. Check the features which you are looking for and then compare the price of the game, wither it is worth paying for what the company is demanding.

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Select the video game which gives you warranty card of 2-3 years. Do not go for those game versions that are not authentic and are copy versions. Always look for the original and durable video game.

Demographic Decision

Select a video game on your requirement basis. If you are looking for a game box for kids then consider the Nintendo versions. On the other hand, Sony Play station series cater a large variety of people in comparison with the Microsoft Xbox versions which only focus the “young guys”.

Wii Version

When selecting a Handheld console for the family, look for the “Wii” feature in the game box. It is considered best for the family console games.

Kind of Games

Whenever you want to buy a video game, look for the games it is offering. Every video game offers different kind of the games which can be installed later on or are already installed when you buy it. For example, the Xbox series usually provide assistance to the GTA IV games and the retro series whereas the Nintendo versions are good for the retro games in 3D versions.

Compare Features

Compare the Blu ray feature of the available list of the video games that you want to buy. Very few versions propose the availability of the Bly ray characteristic which involves the best audio and the 1080p resolution system.
Hopefully these tips will help you to select the best handheld game console according to your requirements.