Helpful Crash Arena Turbo Stars Guide

In this guide for Crash Arena Turbo Stars, you will learn the basics to enjoy this great action game for mobile devices. Without losing a single second, we are going to give some clues to build the perfect vehicle and continue to win the battles in the game.

From stage 4, you will have better pieces to use and it really is not that far, and it does not cost much to get there. It is better not to invest, but to save for when that time arrives in which you can get the best CATS equipment possible. Make yourself a part with 5 stars before considering updating them.

If you assume this, you just try to change the design of the vehicle and try different approaches with different kinds of structures. If this is still not enough, you can update some of the most important elements you have, which will usually be the weapons.

Once you invert your update points, you will no longer be able to be reset. This is why you should be extremely careful where you’re spending the update points. If you are begging in CATS, the best thing is that you do not spend them on anything and wait.

When you are unlocking new areas that can be updated as you go through the stages, keep in mind that the first ones to be updated are not so good.

CATS offers you the chance to risk losing a piece of your machine betting on the winner of a preemptive battle. However, if you win that piece, you will get a bonus and you will earn some points as well. Betting seems like a good idea for the reason that the benefit is remarkable. You can try different combinations and perfect your vehicle.

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If you have all the full box slots, you should participate in CATS quick fights as each victory gives you points that can help you gain a promotion to a new league and get some amazing benefits. So try to keep your rankings as high as possible to take the best rewards at the end of the season.

If you win 5 consecutive victories in quick fights, you will receive a Super Box as a reward, so try to plan your battles in such a way that you have a place available when the time comes.

With these tips, you will excel at playing CATS. However, if you need more specific tricks and sources,