Discover The Best Tricks To Play Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

One of the most successful Japanese game series is Dragon Ball Z and one of the most famous Android games is Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, which have been available for a long time but still has many fans. That’s why we are going to explain a series of tricks for Dokkan Battle, so that you can get all the characters you want, get the unlimited dragon stones and many useful tips for you to play this fun game.

With the game Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle for Android, you can enjoy epic battles between the most emblematic characters of Dragon Ball Z saga, so that you can enjoy much more of this great game. Here I will also explain the different game modes, the typical story and the individual challenges that are updated periodically.

As all game elements that are unlimited usually come from different hacks, but we recommend that you pass and overcome all the difficulties of the different events to get them, although we are going to give you a tip, so that you can get dragon stones in a lot more simple way.

In order to overcome the different events, you need a good team to get the best team of fighters and you will need some luck and different objects. To begin you will need friendship points and dragon stones, two objects with which you will be able to find the best characters in the game. But apart from this, you have to train each character to be the best.

One of the tricks for Dokkan Battle is to get the best characters, what you have to do is invoke each character, and that can be done with the dragon stones, if you accumulate enough dragon stones and also points of friendship, you can make multiple invocation, and in doing this, you will get rare characters. Also with the points of friendship, you can get characters that can train the most powerful ones. One of the most important tricks of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is the training. If you want a strong character, you will have to earn it and level up.

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Each character has a maximum of levels that can be unlocked with awaken mode. To get the necessary objects to improve the characters, you have to complete several requirements, but do not forget the capsules in adventure mode.

Each player uses a specific type of skill attack and each one corresponds to a color. If the colors of the characters match the balls in the same color, you get more power that will do extra damage and also heal a little.

In each round, you can change your fighters, in each of them, you will be left to fight with three of your team, do not be afraid to mix your fighters to gain advantage and be able to accumulate a great combination of the colors and get bonuses. You can get several items by completing levels, but you cannot use them if you do not take them with you when you start a level.

We hope that you will like the tricks explained here for Dokkan Battle. There are many more but with these you can win more dragon stones and you can get better fighters for your team. To make your game even better, you can get Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle hack as well