What are the Improvements in MS Word 2013?

The first thing to do to work with MS Word 2013 is obviously start the program. We can do this in several ways mentioned below;

From the Start Menu

The Start menu is accessed from the button located usually in the lower left corner of the screen and from it you can start virtually all programs that are installed on your computer.

Clicking on the Start button, a menu will be displayed. The appearance may change depending on your version of Windows. You can use this menu in two ways. The first one is typing ‘Word’ into the search box, so the MS-Word icon will appear and it will be suffice click to start it.

All Programs

The second is to look All Programs; when it is deployed, it shows a list of programs that are installed on your computer option. Programs are often organized in folders. The folder named Microsoft Office will contain the option you want i.e. MS Word. There are many functions in MS Word, and here we will learn the steps of how to sort in Word the data in a table.

How to Sort in Word?

The following steps will let you learn how to sort in Word in a table.

  • Open an MS Word file.
  • Complete the second column with the test scores for each unit. Indicate the following values as 7; 8; 6; 10; 11; 8; 12; 8; 9; 9; 7; 8; 8; 7; 7; 8; 10; 7; 11; 9; 7; 5; 5; 12.
  • Click the Layout tab of the Table Tools.
  • Place your cursor in a cell in the Topics column, click the Sort button in the Data group.
  • The system proposes to sort in Ascending order. It displays the list and choose Note and change the option to Descending order. Thus, the subjects will be ordered from better assimilated to decline assimilated. Click OK.
  • Repeat the steps, but this time by ordering the Ascending option, as it was at first.
    Observe the ordering of the topics. Now the logical thing would be from least to highest, but when interpreting the contents of the cells as text, first locate the titles starting with least and then onwards.
  • Reopen the window management and look at the pop type whose value is text. Change it by Numeric and click OK.
  • Now Word interprets this as a numbering and correctly sorts the topics. Note that whenever changes are made, the consistency of the rows is maintained, and the rest of the columns are also reordered.
  • Close the document saving changes.
  • The use of MS-Office has become the daily part of officials as well as the stay-at-home people worldwide. Keeping this widespread use of MS-Office, Microsoft keeps on improving MS-Office for more convenient use. In this article, I will talk about the version of MS Word 2013 which came up with the following features and improvements.

    1 – Dynamic Alignment Guides and Design

    When dragging an image through the document, there are some green guides that help the user align the image with the elements of the page such as the top of the paragraph, margins, etc.

    2 – Saving Files to SkyDrive Got Easier!

    Saving the documents in the cloud in MS Word 2013 is much easier. You can access your document save in the cloud from virtually any device connected to the internet.It is also very easy to share documents in read and write mode.

    3 – WordWeb App

    With Word Web App, it is only necessary to have a Microsoft Mail account to access a reduced version of the MS Word 2013 for free.You can create and modify MS Word documents from the browser of any computer connected to the internet without having to install MS Word.

    4 – Office Mobile

    Since September 2013, the version for mobile phones of Office with Android and iOS systems, already available for Windows Phone, has been available.With Office Mobile, you can create and modify Office documents on your mobile and it is free for Office 365 subscribers.

    5 – Modifying PDF Files

    Directly from MS Word 2013, you can open a PDF document and modify the text, paragraphs, lists and tables just as you do in the MS Word text documents.

    6 – Improvements in the Review View

    In MS Word 2013, the design is clearer and it allows you to easily see the changes made and it is alo easier to respond to the comments.

    7 – Embed Videos

    You can embed videos directly from the Internet without downloading the video prior to your computer.

    8 – Improved Reading Mode

    An icon in MS Word 2013 appears to allow you to continue reading at the point where it was last left. Double-clicking increases the size of the images. The sections of the document are collapsed and expanded with a click.

    I am sure you must be very happy with the MS Word 2013 for the reason that it has many improvements and will make your work much easier.

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