Why Should You Get Fujifilm XA3?

Fujifilm XA3 is a smartly designed camera with extravagant features. It has been laced with extraordinary features which include a pixel count of 24MP along with 273 AF points. Fujifilm XA3 has a viewfinder of 2.36M-dot OLED. This camera has an ISO range of 200-12800 and a maximum frame rate of 8 fps / 3 fps. Its connectivity with Wi-Fi is excellent which makes the camera efficient, smart and handy to use.

The Fujifilm XA3 has mechanical and electronic shutter speed of 1/8000 and 1/32000 respectively. The camera is capable of shooting movies at 1080/60p with an X-Sync speed of 1/250 sec. It is loaded with 6 custom buttons and with 2 Command dial buttons. It has 2 card slots; one of the card slots supports the UHS-II Camera Lens

The Fujifilm XA3 has 9 Film Simulations as well as the AF Tracking command along with the eye detection. The camera does not have Panorama mode. It has a battery life of 350 OVF and 250 EVF. The device is equipped with Grain simulation and Lens Modulation Opt.

As compared to the previous versions the quality along with the features of the camera have improved which attract the attention of people. Investing in a camera like Fujifilm XA3 is a sane and wise decision with would add colors to the pictures that would serve as memories for generations.

Number of Shots

This camera is highly professional which means that this cam deliver mo9re than 410 shots in only 1 minute, if you are a professional , then you must consider getting this camera as this is literally filled with many features that will amaze you all over. You can also adjust this camera to automatically take different number of shoots at one time. This will help you a lot if you are a professional shooter, as it can help you save you ton of time.

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Flash Feature

The flash is better than the older models introduced before this one. You are able to do a lot of automatic settings on this one. This will automatically help you in order to save time and concentrate to take better shoots. The flash system controls the output of flash on its own according to the lightening situation. You are also able to take better pictures with it even if you are indoors.

HD Recording

I am sure that you are not able to hear about this specific feature in different cameras these days. With this camera you are able to record in high quality, which means that not only the pictures but also the videos will be extremely high in quality, there are also some filters you can use with the video recording feature on Fujifilm XA3.

Other Features

This is one of the few cameras which will allow you to take different modes for one session of shots, as with this one you are able to do the settings on your own with the help of a timer. The battery is also a plus point, where you are able to save tons of timing, another feature that can help you when you are out.

These features are surely amazing, so make sure that you get Fujifilm XA3 Dubai.