5 Reasons To Buy GoPro Hero 5

The people who have been working with the GoPro products and are finding a way to upgrade their gadgets with some other company need to hold on their thoughts. With the new features, the buyers of other companies may even switch to GoPro 5 to get an upgrade on their gadgets. Undoubtedly, the new camera is the most advanced yet the cheapest gadget that this camera has come up with until now. Looking for reasons to buy the new GoPro 5, here’s why it is at the television

1 – Voice Control

To have a communication with gadget is the coolest thing you can get. The new camera has an active voice control which works according to the commands given by the voice. It does not matter if you are using a selfie stick three way or even the handler. The camera works upon the commands your voice tells it. The commands need to be specific so that the camera can work with accuracy. Such commands get the 5 going; start recording, stop recording, start time-lapse, stop time-lapse and even “take a picture” might just come in handy.

2 – The Intrusive LCD

The GoPro 5 has been installed with a LCD. Yes, finally a camera with an actual LCD. The LCD on the back is very easy to use. The picking of frame rate, picking resolutions and picking modes is as simple as it can be. The LCD screen on the back just makes the GoPro 5 user-friendly. The LCD is touchscreen and nowadays everybody would love working with a gadget which allows them to work within their comfort zone. Setting up a frame needs an LCD to view the frame and to adjust the setting of the mode, resolution and the frame rate to get the perfect shot.

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3 – Waterproof

The GoPro 5 is made water proof or shall we say it has been locked completely in the case of making the gadget water proof. The GoPro 5 has the doors on it to protect the connections of USB and the battery. The GoPro 5 needs no water proof housing at all. You can carry your GoPro 5 easily to the beach even underwater without the fear of any damaging.

4 – The Improved Audio

The GoPro 5 has been upgraded with a better micro phone to record the audios in a better way. This camera being water proof is also a reason why the audio has been improved as the cameras were always covered with water proof housing while filming which would always create a distortion in recording the audio. The GoPro 5 other wise also has an improved microphone which gives out the best audio result than any other gadgets up till now.

5 – The Most Reasonable Price

The GoPro 5 is the most feature-rich product that GoPro has ever come up with. Yet it is the cheapest product when it comes to the price. There might not be any other product available in the market with such good features at such good price, so you must get the GoPro Hero 5 UAE.