Improving Organic Ranking with Off-Page and On-Page SEO Techniques

The constant change in the ranking parameters and evolution of the tools available for this purpose force us to be creative in order to get better results. In this article, I will present some untraditional ways to detect keywords effective at the time of publication of material in order to improve organic traffic to your website.


First of all, let us refresh what we mean by organic traffic. This term refers to those views which have not been encouraged or promoted by the advertising or promotion of our content, but they come to our website naturally, from finding related topics in search engines.


That said, it goes without saying that to achieve good organic traffic, it is necessary to have a good SEO plan, and for this, the choice of keywords to use our content continues to play an important role. To understand the game of keywords and SEO you have to be off-page and on-page SEO expert so that you can optimize the proper SEO campaign.


You must have noticed Google keyword predictions as you type and it he bottom of the SERPS. It offers potential searches, trying to predict what you are looking for. This prediction is made ​​from an algorithm that measures the popularity of terms in real time and from the origin of the searches by users. These options are usually red hot words at that time of great power ranking. I recommend making a list of terms for your new item and then open a browser tab and one by one type in the search bar, noting all options and combinations suggested. In this way, you get alternative quotes from high ranking that will be useful to promote organic traffic.

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Once you have taken note of the suggestion of Google, another interesting source of keywords is Google related searches. In this case the algorithm results sows unrelated to the ranking of relevant terms, but with content related to the search once materialized. Therefore, the result is totally different, but with direct relation to the subject in which you are producing new content. After the search you will see which related searches are on the basis of the list of results given. Now you take note of the options offered here and thicken the possibilities of combinations with possibly targeted terms and keywords.


Being part of a particular market niche, related behaviors are critical to identify trends and custom signs at all times. Inspect roughly what the terms are being used in websites of friends and colleagues. It will not only give you more material to develop, but also allow you to participate in fair competition ranking. You can also have on-page SEO consulting session to brainstorm more ideas.


In short, the search engine itself gives us everyday tools that feed on the keywords to generate more targeted SEO plan. Knowing how to identify this function is a smart way to take advantage of the situation and provide significant benefits to the ranking of your website.