10 Tips to Be a Great Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle


A good start helps make our adventure much more efficient and quick. Restarting the game until we get a good SRR or SR that is in a good tier can be of great help.

Know the Weaknesses

Each character belongs to a type PHY, INT, TEQ, AGL and STR . Each type is strong or weak against another, so to make sure that your attacks are more effective, you only have to consider PHY > INT > TEQ > AGL > STR > PHY as this tells us that the INT type is weak to the PHY but at the same time strong to the TEQ type.

Be Patient with Your Dragon Stone

Always wait for the right time to spend them, sometimes training with master Mutenroshi may be good but do not be impatient. Use the events and see when they put characters that are in high tier to spend your Dragon Stones.

Use the Dragon Balls

When you gather the seven, you can invoke Shenron who will grant you a desire between four choices. The recommendation of the first wish is ‘I want more allies’ which gives you 10 Dragon Stones for use in invocations or other things and expand the inventory of character.

Use Your Awakening Medals

Do not save the awakening medals as if they were treasures, but use them in your R characters to have a good team and do not spend too many objects to complete the story in normal. Until you have a very good team, it will take time and you will have enough time to get them.

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Make Friends

Always sending friendly invitations to people with very good units will help you complete the story more comfortably. In the future, you will see the true importance of this point as the friendly units will be very helpful in difficult battles.

The Movement of the Orbs

This is something that not many know, but when you leave an orb, it tells you what movement to do, so you can know the route to take further.

Link Skills

People think that they are not very important or are very difficult to use, but having two characters that can perform the ‘Link Skills’ help a lot to do great damage.

Characters of Each Type

Little by little, your goal is to get 6 characters of each type to take advantage of the weaknesses of your enemies to the maximum. Obviously it is not a simple task, so you can always go up with your R characters of the type you need when you get stuck and cannot continue.

A Good Character is a Good Attack.

If in this game, apart from any other factor, the characters are better measured if their attack is greater because when we face a boss, only 1 hero will block and others will do as much damage as possible.

With these basic tips for Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, nothing will resist you and you will become the best Super Saiyan of Earth.