What are the Best Handheld Game Consoles

The handheld game console are the most entertaining gadgets for individuals of every age. If we look past few years the gaming devices which were available and were considered the best of all were huge metallic boxes, with wiring attachments and operating system required remote controls and the gears. Many other extra devices were also provided with the oldest versions of the video games. These devices were also slow and large, acquiring most of the space in the room. Also, making you confused about the gaming cables and their ports on the main gadget. Toda, I will show you the list of the best handheld game console which are easy to use.

Nintendo 3DS XL

At the top of the list, we have Nintendo 3DS XL that comes up with the gaming pad and dual screen system one is the touchpad menu system and the other one is the display. The console is packed with the internet browsing, online game store, WiFi support, internal storage, Dual Core ARM 11 MpCore processor, and dual screens with the 800×320 resolution for upper and 240×240 resolution for the lower display. It simply enables the multiplayer mode and has the 500+ games capacity in general to play.

Nintendo Game boy Advance

Game boy Advance is the very old and best handheld game consoles that are available in the market. It has the features of the Nintendo and supports all the retro games that are compatible with other versions like Nintendo 3DS and Wii U versions. Boys are more amused with this portable gadget.

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Microsoft Xbox One S

Microsoft Xbox series are best of all times and even in 2017, they are in high demand. Xbox 360 involves the easier and less tricky versions of the games whereas the Xbox One S version provides the trickiest games for the hardcore game lovers. Apart from that, the remote control or the gears of the video game is wireless making it more unique and durable.

HTC Nexus 9

Right not the Android Tablets are also becoming the handheld gaming console the HTC Nexus is a type that simply lets you do multitasking and multi-entertainment at the same time.

Sony PlayStation Vita (2nd Generation)

On the number four, we have the second generation; PlayStation Vita that does have a great impression on the games and brought a great and effective platform for the gamers to enjoy. The package holds a number of benefits in its hardware and software such as the extra hour battery, USB port, thinner and lighter body and many others along with the effective connectivity and strong processor.