5 Best Handheld Game Consoles

Nowadays, the gaming devices which have been launched include variety of functions and more advanced appearance. Very few attachment cables and wireless remote controls are introduced with the latest versions of the gaming machines, acquiring little space. In this article, we are focusing on the best 5 handheld console games available on the market these days.

1 – Sony Play Station Vita

It provides the 3-6 hours of battery life and is considered amongst the best portable gaming devices. This has all the features of the play station series, but with little advancement in its size and the cable ports. Kids can handle it easily and enjoy playing games in a more agreeable way. You can play all the games compatible with the other advanced versions of the play station like PS4. It can even work well with the Wi-Fi connection and by the online streaming of the video games just like in mobile phones

2 – Sega Nomad

This is one of the very foremost handheld console games that were ever launched on the market. The games like sonic 3 and knuckles can be played in a very effective graphics in this handheld device.

3 – Neo Geo Pocket

It is the 16 bit portable game device that has variety of in-built gaming features that are necessary for any of the gaming gadget. Handheld consoles are more advanced therefore they also cost more, but among all of the best consoles, Neo Geo Pocket Colour only costs $70 and is affordable with the very precise features. As its name shows, it is compatible with all the oldest games that are available in the coloured versions.

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4 – Game Gear Sega

For all the Sega game lovers, this handheld version of the console games was considered the best one. It can work with all the latest power plugs and charging adaptors. It is on rivalry with the Game boy version of the Nintendo but it has even advanced features that bring more demand of this gaming device among guys.

5 – Nintendo 3DS

This version of the Nintendo games works in competition with the other best video game console available on the market “Play station Vita”. This latest and unique version of the Nintendo in very specific and has every feature which is you should consider while opting for the console for your kids. The handheld touch screen version is very easy and comfortable to use, with its own charger. You cannot use already available chargers on the market for Nintendo 3DS, but the specific charger cable is available for it making it even unique.

If you are fond of playing games, you can pick a handheld video game console out of these choices and have a great time with gaming.