A Brief Introduction to PS4 Pro

Attention everyone! Are you partial to enjoying leisure time with the best way possible? The most appropriate way of pleasure is through consoles. The best and the most renowned family console of all times is the Sony Play Station Series. The adults along with the kids are so keen to the every series of this video game brand. Sony is famous on the market for a number of electronics, but serving for the kids as a leisure time killing, makes it dominant amongst children too. If you are fond of playing video games, you must have tried the previous versions of the Sony Play Station4. For all those, who are done with the previous versions must try the upgrade of PS4 which is PS4 Pro.

We are listing below the most significant properties of the PS4 Pro that will definitely be convincing for you to try the Pro version if you have played the PS4 version.


The performance of the upgraded console is similar to that of the PS4 original version. The company has launched this version of the play station keeping view the distinctive performance of the play station 4 with the amendment in certain features, although these features retain the original activity of the PS4.

The CPU of PS4 Pro is 2.1 GHz, AMD Jaguar- 8 core in comparison to the PS4 version. Whereas the GPU was 1.84 Tflop AMD Radeon in PS4 but it has been upgraded to 4.2 in the pro version. The RAM was 8GB GDDR5 in Play station 4 but along with this additional 1 GB RAM has been introduced to the Play station 4 pro which can be used for the non gaming storage.

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This is how; the Pro version provides additionally 30 % CPU and nearly 100% boost for the GPU in comparison to the preceding version.


Play Station 4 comes with the 2 designs; one is the slim version that has slim and sleek metallic body unlike the original console. On the other hand, the larger console game is the Pro version of the PS4. The weight of PS4 Pro is 3.3 kilograms and dimensions are 327x 295x 55 mm in comparison with the PS4 that weighs 2.8 kg and has 305x275x53 mm dimensions.


The lighting, colours and the picture effect of the pro version is very eminent. It allows the gamers to enjoy games as if they are the part of the game, making them feel real. Younger kids can enjoy watching the video games along with the elders while they are playing. The GPU power being higher than the simple PS4 allows you to have smoother and pragmatic effect of the videos.

Compatible Games

The most famous games that can be played on PS4 Pro include Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Nioh, Andromeda, Horizon Zero Dawn and a lot more. Kids can even enjoy gaming on play station 4 pro by installing the games as well as downloading them directly from internet via Wi-Fi.

Hopefully this article has helped you in getting an insight to the ungraded version of the PS4 and you can easily get it as PS4 Pro Dubai price is not very high.