5 Significant Features of LG G6 to Convince You to Buy It

Last year LG Launched its flagship phone LG G5 that was actually a groundbreaking phone but unfortunately could not do well due to the heavy competition of S7. Although, the competition was tough but people appreciated the ultimate features of the phone when it comes to being eco-friendly and coming up with the latest technology. The major reason behind the low sales chart was the release dates, Samsung S7 got an early release and LG G5 was a late buddy in the market so things we not in the favour. However, this year, a press conference by LG in Barcelona Spain gave a surprise to everyone with the stunning and packed with wonders LG G6. This year LG decided to come forward and present them a masterpiece to the people who are waiting to be amazed by S8 but will have the G6 already to make a better decision and upgrade in their gadget.

1 – HDR Display

The High Dynamic Range screen can be achieved by very rare phone at present, but LG G6 is coming up with the 5.7 inches HDR display that lets you have the ultimate display of all the visuals on phone. It not only gives the better video results but also for the pictures, gaming and other activities screen gives something advanced outcomes.

2 – Heavy Hardware

The powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chip, 4GB RAM and 32 and 64 GB of internal storage makes it a heavy and impressive machine. In G5 the 820 Snapdragon chip was used that was loved by the users and this time it is going to give them a much better experience.

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3 – Ultimate Design

The design and looks are something that makes the people melts down on any phone they review. The water and dust resistant body some with the white, black, and platinum colour give the G6 an entirely new look. Although the camera is not much improved but gives the best experience with 5MP front and 13Mp back.

4 – Traditional Headphone Jack

The headphone jack is just getting the fade out from the phones and giving the people some new experience at first place but on the other hand making some people uncomfortable too. LG take good care of the people who wants to have some conventional means of connecting their phone to ear. There is a traditional Headphone jack is visible in the style that gives the ultimate headphone connectivity and lets the user connect any kind of headphones easily with the phone.

5 – Strong Battery

In the latest Smartphone LG G6 Dubai, the ultimate problem every user has to face is the battery timing. There are a number of applications that are used by the people on their Smartphone that consumes a lot of battery power. In addition to that, to run the phones’ own basic feature there is a lot of battery required. In this regard, a battery of 32,000mAh that is quite enough to give a full day power backup. On the other hand, finally this year LG moves towards the non-removable battery fitting just like the others in the market.