5 Things to Know about Apple Watch Series 2

Moment to spotlight on your needs! Those who are conscious about time must be amused by now! Let’s stay focused, connected, motivated, and full of zip, because here comes the Apple Watch Series 2, as significantly in demand as it was at the time of its launch!

Apple watch series 2 comes with the multiple features, assisting its users in every possible way. The watch series was launched by Apple almost exactly 2 years back and keeping in view the response and the hype it created on the market, they have launched the series 2, depicting the best sports watch version.

We are providing you the characteristics of the trendiest Apple watch series 2 and the 5 most vital things that you must know about the brand as well as the watch.

Swimming Resistant

Apple, with its classy launch of watch series has made easiest for the sportsmen to play leaving behind every hassle and time troubles. Now you can easily keep yourself time centred by using the watch series 2 of Apple because they are sweat and water resistant. Swimmers! Be thankful to the Apple series of watches! You can easily swim and check your time by wearing these watches as they have very strong water proof capability for upto 50 meters that makes them even high in demand these days.

Integral GPS

Built-in GPS is present in the watch which allows you to track your all activities regarding your exercise plans, measuring heart rate, speed and distance covered per unit time, as well as talks to you about your routine saved activities.

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Two Times Brighter Screen

Out of all the noticeable characteristics of Apple watch series 2, the enhancement in the screen brightness of the watches is most eminent. This version of the watches have 1000 nits; even laptops can brighten their screens at maximum of 400 nits only. This much light intensity makes it an alternative for the torchlight and you can use it quite feasibly in sunlight also.

Eminent Performance

With all the significant features of this watch, the one most vital role of the Apple watch is that it’s speakers work very effectively even in water. Normally, sound is produced when air goes in the speakers but these watches are made so profoundly that they allow water to move in the speakers and later the sound vibrations push it out.
Air pods which are cordless are another very latest feature allowing you to experience music enjoyment directly from your watch, without any use of the phone or any other music gadget.

Workout App and Heart Rate Sensor

The most preferred function of the Apple Watch Series 2 Dubai is that it allows you to install any 10-12 indoor or outdoor exercises because it has a built-in app for workout plans. It can go well with running, jogging, swimming, cycling and biking etc. It allows the measurement of your movements, also splitting them in different segments after every 5 metrics. Workout heart rate sensor allows you to quantify your heart pace from your watch.