Advantages Of Using Discount Coupons Sent Via Mobile

One of the most successful marketing channels for companies in the recent years is mobile marketing. A tool that developed efficiently can generate great benefits to the company. One of the most frequent forms of mobile marketing use are discount coupons. Let’s see what the advantages of discount coupons are for a company.


Once the customer receives via SMS the discount coupon, it increases the chances of loyalty. Discount coupons or offers sent via SMS are perceived by the customer as a personal detail, more direct and close than a paper discount. Usually the customer feels special when receiving differential treatment, increasing the possibilities of conversion.


Through the discount coupon, the company interacts more frequently and directly with the users, which allows the company to know firsthand the value of the campaign, its tastes, desires and preferences. Answering customers’ comments will always be a good tool to get closer.


Any offer, discount or free product sounds tempting to the consumers, so the discount coupons via mobile are the perfect hook to generate a greater number of sales.


If the marketing strategy has been developed effectively, the users to whom the coupons are coming mostly have shown the desire or the need to acquire the product that is offered, which increases the percentage of receptivity by users and increased willingness to continue receiving discount coupon as well as information.


This type of marketing allows customers associated with offers and bonuses through the mobile to share and make known among their friends and family the advantages of buying in a company or a particular product.

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In addition to increasing sales through discount coupons, they reinforce the brand of the company or product, as in each SMS, they will remember the manufacturer or supplier.


Paper coupons or offers have a minimum conversion rate as compared to the discount coupons generated through and sent via mobile. 50% of the customers who receive coupons through their mobile make use of it in a short period of time, which means that if the marketing strategy is designed correctly, the conversion rate will be greater than 50%.

Attracting New Customers

Through the discount coupons via mobile, it is possible to develop campaigns aimed at attracting new customers, as it is a powerful tool to open the way for customers.

Psychology of Saving

People often buy a product they do not need, but only buy it because it was on offer or because the discount bonus they had was going to expire, but that need is achieved thanks to a very powerful incentive, the savings.

In short, promotional marketing with discount coupons offers endless possibilities, if intelligently used, can help increase the ROI of any business.