What are Fashion Weeks?

What are Fashion Weeks?The Fashion Week is a social event of worldwide importance where, for 7 days, the most prestigious designers present their latest collections of autumn-winter and spring-summer.

The first Fashion Week was held in New York in 1943. While the world went to war, and experts could not travel to the old continent in search of new trends, the first event was organized with the idea to divert the attention that monopolized the French fashion, to which, suddenly, they no longer had access.

Eleanor Lambert – creator of CFDA, the institute that annually awards the most important international award, considered the ‘Oscar of Fashion’ was the organizer. The event was a resounding success. Specialized media, such as Vogue magazine, became more interested in the American designs and minimized the French. However, after the war, people returned to Paris and other fashion capitals like London and Milan.

At present, the ‘Weeks of Fashion’ are semi-annual events, from January to March. These must be done months before the season to give the manufacturers time to give a sample of their creations, and arrange all the commercial gear for those models to travel the world in time.

The calendar commences with New York Fashion Week, followed by London Fashion Week. The second last is Milan and it is over with Paris Fashion Week. In the recent years, they have been adding to the traditional new events, the most outstanding of the circuit are the Fashion Week of Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires, which each year find better answers in the market, between the critics and the public.

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Paris is the capital of fashion, style and elegance with its magnificent catwalks and parades of prêt à porter and haute couture. Paris Fashion Week has all the ingredients to be a world reference, with the best models and brands in a unique environment. It is also considered the most creative, original and impactful week of the year.

New York Fashion Week opens the calendar for the world’s catwalks. Today, this event has become a must not only for designers and industry executives, but for celebrities from fashion, film, music and art, who occupy the famous front rows of the catwalks to take note of the main trends.

During the month of February, the city of Milan is revolutionized. Its Fashion Week is one of the most spectacular ones in the world in terms of fashion. All the glamor and brightness of the main designer brands unfolds on the catwalk.

For its part, London Fashion Week is usually held at Somerset House with the exhibition of the collections of more than 100 designers, offered to the public with surprising discounts from all over the world. The sophistication, delicacy and tradition of the English leaves a mark on the magnificent event that is organized every year, surprising everyone.

The truth is that in the weeks of fashion, no one wants to lose them. Previously they were exclusively destined for the trade and today they are attended by the main stores, editors of the specialized magazines, the media, celebrities and members of the world of show business. They have become real spectacle as they include live music, parties, galas, charity events and a few allow the public to buy special passes to watch the catwalks and attend exhibitions or parties. If you want to do online shopping in Saudi Arabia for all these amazing fashion collections, please visit vanilla.sa.

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