Why Do People Prefer Living In A Log House Today?

For the construction of a log house, if you want to do little damage, free of dirt and work faster, it can be assembled with the help of cranes. You should not save money here. During installation, the joints must be sealed properly. You can use flax fiber, wool fabric or rock wool specially designed for sealing.

The wooden trunks are usually rotated and moved, and then their rotation is in the vertical direction, fixed with wooden pins in order. The log house should be placed with pins or a few lines of wood with the possibility of an identical construction to be removed in the drying time.

When the construction of the house is done, the next work is roof. This is one of the main tasks in the process of building a log house and you really do not need to save money here too. Firstly, the sliding construction of the roof is mounted. Balk mounted on the top of the house and on the outer walls drive the ring closure. It is made due to the slight change of the roof angle of the drying time.

The rear walls are framed by pairs of beams which would then be easy to make a ceiling and interior finish. Many manufacturers recommend to make a heavy roof. Reed roof does not always fit the surrounding environment.


With the use of naturally resistant species of wood used for the construction, it could be the duration that can be reinforced by the natural process of drying and waterproofing. Treating the particular species such as cedar with insecticide can help achieve high durability of the log house.

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Relaxing Atmosphere

Every day you can make the most relaxing stay in the woods during the holidays, when you own a log house. The magnificent facilities, such as the warmth, comfort and cozy atmosphere of a log house would all agree that they have it for daily relaxation.


The recent drawings provided by the manufacturers are good for providing more features in log house to meet the tastes and needs of the people who wish to have such a beautiful home. Every effort made by creative minds in creating designs that match the current lifestyle followed by the individuals became successful. People are passionate about the log house to see the natural beauty and ecological surroundings.