Drop Pearl Necklace – A Perfect Way to Enjoy the Pearls

The beauty of a strand of pearls in undeniable. A single pearl strand has been, by far, the most popular way to wear your pearls. It is not the only way, however, and as fashion changes and evolves, you have more options than ever. A drop pearl necklace is the perfect way to enjoy the pearls that you love so much, without the convention of a full swath of pearls encircling your neck.

The concept of the drop necklace has been around for quite some time. You may be familiar with a style of necklace called the ‘Y necklace’, which is also called the ‘lariat’. This is a popular kind of drop necklace, where the design of the necklace goes all around your neck, and then ‘drops’ in the front, often with a gemstone or pendant. This adds tremendous visual interest, as well as movement.

When it comes to pearls, a beautiful single drop pearl necklace is often a favorite choice of girls and women of all ages. There are several reasons why this holds true. First of all, the pearl drop necklace is usually more affordable than a full strand of pearls. This, of course, depends on the type of pearl used in the drop. If, for instance, it consists of a 15mm South Sea Golden pearl, it might indeed be costlier than a less expensive cultured freshwater pearl.

Secondly, it is quite contemporary, and can be worn more often than a full strand of pearls. Many women reserve their pearl strands for more dressed up and formal occasions. They will be more likely to wear it every day. It could even become your signature piece. A signature piece is a piece of jewelry that you wear often, and that everyone will associate your style with.

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Lastly, when made with a less expensive precious metal such as sterling silver, you enjoy more of a metal look, which many people enjoy. There is a variety of sterling silver chains available, which perfectly compliment to a solitary pearl drop. The sunlight or other light will catch the sparkling silver chain, but the main interest of the piece is the lovely pearl.

You will also find a great selection of faux drop pearl necklaces, which make it even more affordable. You get the look of a real pearl for less. Whether you are wearing a genuine or an imitation, it is still going to look like a million bucks. It is great for women of all ages with any budget, and you are sure to find one that would truly suit your style.

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