What Is The Best Home Pregnancy Test?

There is little difference between the brands of home pregnancy tests, despite what their manufacturers claim. However, comparative studies do show that some brands have advantages in terms of their sensitivity, ease of use and clarity in reading the results. All pregnancy tests are diagnosed by detecting the hormone chorionic gonadotrophin. This hormone can be found in the blood or in the urine, so in case of at home tests, you can use urine. The greater the sensitivity of the test, the less time you have to wait to take it and the more reliable your results will be, which at the end of the count is what you are looking for. According to this criterion, these are the best at home pregnancy tests Home

First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test

This test has the ability to detect hCG concentrations of 6.3 mlU/mL according to a study published in the academic journal of the American Association of Pharmacists. According to researchers, it can detect 95% of pregnancies if you take the first day of delay in your menstrual period, although the box says you can detect the pregnancy days before the date of your menstrual period, variations in the moment of conception and implantation make this process difficult, which is why researchers consider that it is always better to wait until you are late. This test also obtained 100% confidence in its results, both positive and negative.

Another study, published in the Journal of Laboratory Medicine and Clinical Chemistry, agrees with these findings, and even asserts that First Response is the only over-the-counter at home pregnancy test for early detection of pregnancy, according to its sensitivity to hCG. First Response is able to detect 25% of pregnancies six days before the menstrual delay, 74% three days before, 96% on the day of the menstrual period, and 100% of pregnancies three days after the delay. First Response is rated as the most sensitive, easy to apply and best home pregnancy test.

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Clearblue Pregnancy Test

According to the Pharmacists Association study, it test has a sensitivity of 25 mlU/mL, and can detect 80% of pregnancies when it is applied on the first day of menstrual delay. Their results are considered 100% reliable for positive tests and 67% for negative tests. Its manufacturer is Inverness Medical Innovation Inc. also sells pregnancy tests under different brands and names that offer results with similar or comparable reliability.

As for the ease of reading the results, digital at home pregnancy tests tell you whether you are pregnant or not with greater clarity, which eliminates the risk of misinterpretation and reading before or after the recommended time.

One of the problems of detecting pregnancy so early is that some hormonal changes may correspond to biochemical pregnancies that do not progress. That is, a fertilized embryo that does not evolve successfully and is discarded without being considered a pregnancy.

Blood pregnancy tests are done in a lab or medical office and are much more sensitive and reliable. In addition, they have the ability to quantify hCG present in your blood, which also helps in establishing gestational age i.e. how long you have had pregnancy.