Is Pizza Healthy Food or Junk Food?

Following with the false myths of the diet, we will discover the virtues of a food considered highly caloric and the enemy of any diet of thinning, the pizza, all a potpourri of foods of different types full of nutrients and flavor.

Pizza is one of the staple foods of the Mediterranean diet, and as such it has more of nutritious value than harmful to health. Its intake comes from ancient times, since already in the Paranoiac Egypt, masses of cereals were used with cheese and aromatic herbs, so it is not a food we have invented recently Arab

Its composition mixes different ingredients that make it a food rich in nutrients. Some of its benefits to the diet are complex carbohydrates that are slowly absorbed and supply the body with a constant energy. The use of olives makes pizzas contain oils rich in HDL (cholesterin) and vitamins A, D, E and K.

Mozzarella being a cheese contains high doses of animal proteins, but its high fat content makes it contraindicated for a slimming diet. Nowadays we can find in the market skimmed mozzarellas, so that the star ingredient of the pizza will have less fat.

The use of aromatic herbs makes the pizzas have an antiseptic and purifying function of the organism. Also, do not forget that it also has a high content of iron, vitamins B1 and PP. In addition, it avoids the formation of uric acid and it is more digestible than other foods.

Benefits of Eating Pizza

A pizza has many benefits for your health as it has many vegetables and little fat. Believe it or not, not all pizzas are bad. Here I share with you some benefits of eating pizza, so that you will have more reasons to eat it and do not feel guilty.

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Thick dough pizza may have more antioxidants than other dishes due to its oven time and size.
It helps you absorb lycopene, an antioxidant that prevents heart disease.

Oregano can help you fight stomach viruses.

It is an economic dish for large families.

Now you have more reasons to eat pizza. For all this, pizza can be a good ally in our diet and we can eat it as a single dish. Of course, it is much better that we prepare it ourselves and control the quality of the ingredients that we add. If you don’t have enough time and want Abu Dhabi Pizza delivery at home.