Can I Include Pizza in My Diet to Lose Weight?

With the arrival of summer, we begin to worry more about the extra kilos, but it is always difficult to follow a diet for weight loss, since this one usually eliminate the foods that we like most and pizza is one of them. But this does not have to mean a radical change, since there are ways to enjoy appetizing foods like pizza Restaurant

If you normally control your diet, you do not have to deprive yourself of any food. If you exercise and you do not usually overdo it at meals, you can afford to eat something that you like and it is not so typical of a regime. Food habits, moreover, should be changed gradually and realistically, so that you succeed with your diet. If we never reward ourselves, it is easier to give up before we reach to the objective.

The pizza dough carries flour, which is not very advisable if we are dieting. However, if we choose whole flours instead of flours, it is not so unadvisable. You can also use bran or soy flour.

As for cheese, it is recommended that it should be lean, less than 8% fat. The other ingredients must also be healthy and low in fat. The vegetables are always a good option, but you can also opt for chicken breast, hard-boiled egg or fish.

Pizza and Its Health Benefits

Pizza is a food that everyone likes and although it should be eaten moderately, it is nutritious and there are several reasons to enjoy it.

The base of this food is very simple, has dough, tomato sauce and mozzarella, and if you want, you can add many other ingredients like chicken, olives, peppers, meat, anchovies oregano and a great variety of sauces.

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Benefits of Pizza Ingredients

To begin, you have to know that pizza cannot help but bring tomatoes and these contain lycopene, an antioxidant that allows to prevent heart disease and many health problems. The tomato in this case is consumed with cheese which makes the intestines absorb it better.

Oregano, another inexcusable ingredient in pizza contains carvacrol, a compound that attacks viruses that affect digestive system and can easily spread in public toilets. In addition, carvacrol also prevents prostate cancer, as it has been proven to attack the cells and reprogram them to kill themselves.

Other ingredients that we can add as anchovies, rich in protein and fat, contain up to 12% fat, with all the benefits of blue fish. The flesh of this fish barely contains carbohydrates and stores minerals such as iron, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and vitamin A and B which help us decrease blood fats and fight cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases.

In general, pizza contains antioxidants because it spends a certain time in the oven and also by the type of dough that is used, especially if the whole dough is used.

Finally, regardless of all this, we know that it is economical, it has an exquisite taste regardless of the ingredients it contains and it is ideal for sharing with family or friends.