What Are The Best Places For Honeymooners In The World?

Valencia, Spain

The beautiful city of Valencia is located a few kilometers south of Barcelona and has a lot of history, food and fun. You can take a tour of centenary churches or drink some local liquor while walking hand in hand on the cobbled streets. The atmosphere of young love is intense in this passionate and playful city.

Saint Lucia, Caribbean

You can enjoy an incredible honeymoon in these tropical lands. Admire the great twin peaks of Piton from your comfortable resort near the airport, or venture southwest to get even better views. Some of the hotels can take away a good portion of your budget, but activities like visiting the thermal mud baths and the drive-in volcano are cheap and easy to locate.

Dubai, UAE

Dubai has a lot to offer to the couples as it many famous shopping malls, desert safari where you get to spend a night under the stars with traditional Arab dance and food, and you also get to see many splendid sightseeing places. There are many beach resorts in Dubai and being in the easily accessible and elite place, Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa is one of the most preferred destination of the newly married couples for accommodation.


Forget about expensive China and instead go to Taiwan for a truly romantic and diverse honeymoon experience to get the best of both worlds enjoying incredible nature as well as urban delights. You and your spouse can fly in Taipei to climb the second tallest building in the world, then take a short trip to Taroko National Park to discover mountain tea ceremonies and picturesque waterfalls. The accommodation can be quite affordable outside of the big cities and exclusive offers can be obtained in large resorts for extended stays.

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Goa, India

The beaches seem to be timeless along the coasts of Goa. This is a destination for the ‘non-traditional’ couple who loves to experience an exotic atmosphere and be close to a lot of people. It is very quiet and has a relaxed atmosphere for being the smallest state in India. You can walk on the sand, try a boat trip or stop to admire the great amount of wildlife and its colorful scenery.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Although Croatia is not too far from the iconic Greece, its offerings are so amazing and beautiful with less people and much more affordability. You can start your romantic getaway in the main city of Dubrovnik for a bit of culture, shopping and walking by the sea. Then you can head to any of the beaches in the neighboring city from a secluded spot to sunbathe and spend time together. Some of the best beaches include Sunj Bay on the island of Lopud, which is only a short boat ride of 50 minutes from the city.