What are the Worst Foods for Your Teeth?

Some foods that we consume daily contribute to the formation of cavities, stains on the teeth and the formation of bacteria. To prevent this, it is good to avoid excessive consumption of these foods according to a family dentist in Stafford.

Citric Fruits

Citrus fruits have a high content of vitamin C and other very healthy nutrients for your body, but not so much for your teeth. Grapefruit and lemon juice, because of their high acid content, can erode the tooth enamel over time. All citrus fruits have acid, but grapefruit juice and lemon juice have a higher amount, while orange juice is from citrus fruits with less acid content. Choose the orange juice, but try to brush and floss immediately after.

Chewable Candies

The stickier the candy, the more harmful it is to your teeth. The bad thing about super sticky candies is that they can stick to your teeth for a long time, causing bacteria. Bacteria burn the sugar and convert it into acid that removes the protective layer of the dental enamel and causes cavities.

Hard Candies

Hard candy does not stick as much as chewable candy, but it has its own bad consequences. Being longer in the mouth gives the bacteria time to produce more harmful acid. And, in addition, some hard candies are flavored with citric acids. Not to mention that they can get to chip your teeth and there is no brush or dental floss that can repair it.


Acid is essential in the production of pickles, since it is what gives them their flavor. Eating pickles more than once per day increases the chances of tooth wear by 85%. However, pickles are not eaten often and are often eaten as snacks. If you eat them from time to time, the pickles will not harm your teeth.

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Soft Drinks

Carbonated drinks, because of their high sugar content, contribute to the formation of cavities. In addition, the acids present in soda are much more harmful than sugar. Even diet drinks containing less sugar can damage the enamel of your teeth over time.


Coffee causes stains on the teeth over time and they are even more stubborn than tobacco stains. At the same time, coffee stains are the most resistant to brushing and even survive whitening treatment.


While tea may seem better than coffee, the reality is that some types of tea may stain more than coffee; the black tea has a high content of tannins, substances that promote stains on teeth. The herbal teas are much better and discolor significantly less, but herbal teas have their disadvantage, since they erode the enamel of the teeth much more than the black tea.

Now that you have seen some foods that can cause great damage to your teeth, it is good that you consider those foods that can prevent or even reverse the damage of your teeth.