Tips for Cleaning Your Herb Grinder

It is very important that you keep your herb grinder or pollinator absolutely clean for the reason that you use it to grind up matter that you will be putting into your body. Usually an herb grinder or pollinator will be made out of aluminum. I recommend cleaning your grinder when as soon as you notice a buildup of plant matter or a decrease in the function of the herb grinder itself.

To clean an aluminum herb grinder or pollinator, you have to disassemble each and every part of the herb grinder and place them all in a bowl or container. Now you have to add enough rubbing alcohol, so that every part of the herb grinder or pollinator is fully covered. Now either place the lid on the container or wrap the top of your bowl with saran wrap to make an air tight seal. This is done to make sure that the rubbing alcohol does not get evaporated. You also make sure that your bowl or container is not made of PVC or plastic material. This is because PVC and plastic materials release the chemicals when they are brought into the contact with rubbing alcohol. Once all of the components of your herb grinder or pollinator are fully submerged in the rubbing alcohol with an air tight seal, you have to wait for at least about 5 or 10 minutes. Having passed this time, your grinder should be squeaky clean.

If there are stubborn matters still stuck to your herb grinder or pollinator, take a cue tip soaked in rubbing alcohol and pry them off. You have to give everything a quick rinse in some warm water and you are good to go with the use of your herb grinder.

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Keep in mind that this method of cleaning only works for herb grinders and pollinators that are made out of aluminum. You must be careful with other materials since the rubbing alcohol tends to release harmful chemicals when it is brought into contact with synthetic material.

If you own an herb grinder or pollinator that is made out of a material besides aluminum, the best way to clean it is with some warm water and a bit of soap. You just have to simply disassemble it and wash it in the sink or dishwasher just as you would do the dishes. If there are some pieces that do not come off, take a cue tip with some warm water and you can easily wipe them off of your herb grinder or pollinator.