Should I Choose Wired Impact Wrenches Or Cordless Impact Wrench?

Wired Impact Wrenches

Although they have been replaced by their cordless ones, there are still many manufacturers that offer electric wired impact wrenches. They give the same performance as pneumatic impact wrenches of the similar size, but they’re available in very limited sizes.

Wired electric impact wrench’s body is slightly larger than that of pneumatic impact wrench and it’s necessary because of electric motor that which should be bigger than the pneumatic motor with same force. On the other hand, except in the narrow working areas, they are approximately equivalent in comfort.

The huge advantage of a wired impact wrench over the pneumatics is that no compressor is needed. They can be used wherever there is electric power available. However, this detail has its drawbacks, as unlike all other impact wrenches, there may be a risk of electrocution, so it is not possible to work in humid places and the cable can be an impediment to the access of the tool to the distant places to work.

Cordless Impact Wrenches

The cordless impact wrench has gained popularity for the reason that it only allows to incorporate the accessories to extract the large bolts, but also small and it is perfect to be used in the confined places, for example, in automobile motors, since it does not have cables and it does not require the connection of hoses either.

This wrench is powered with lithium-ion battery which ranges from 18V to 28V and it depends on manufacturer as well as model. There are also models that use nickel-cadmium batteries. Each type of battery has different properties. The lithium-ion battery offers much more power, which allows the tool to be used for more time between recharges and it also recharges at a faster pace. Ni-Cd battery allows greater power consumption as well.

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Regardless of the type of battery, cordless impact wrenches are, however, less powerful than those provided with cable or pneumatic, and the vast majority only offers half as much power as those. In addition, the infrequent use of the tool depletes the life of the battery, so it is preferable not to store them for longer time.

However, its portability makes it quite unique. Among all kinds of impact wrenches, the cordless impact wrenches are the best option to use when extracting very tight or rusty screws without breaking them. The smaller torque with better trigger control lets you use it in the most delicate applications.