The Gospel, Spiritual Direction, Churches & Christians

The pages in Gospel show us Jesus speaking to the crowd, addressing the more restricted circle of disciples and apostles, and also establishing a dialogue of salvation with men and women, always treated as unrepeatable individuals whose destination is very interested to God.

A burning example of this way of acting of Jesus is found in the dialogue with the Samaritan woman, narrated in the Gospel of John (4.5 to 25). The Samaritan not only is treated by Jesus as a human being, which initially surprised the disciples, but as an insolvent person before God but addressed to his mercy and love. In a highly personal conversation, Jesus helps overcome their spiritual destitution and discover horizons corresponding to their existence and destiny as a beloved creature of God.

the gospel makes us understand in narrative form and through the only way to proceed with Jesus what the meaning of praxis of Christian orientation has been called at first, and then for a long time, spiritual direction. The names may change but the essential content remains the same.

Spiritual direction has been throughout the centuries as one of the factors detailed in the construction of the Church which is composed of ‘living stones’. The human and divine welfare of the people of God requires not only the timely introduction of large lines and building structures that shape the spiritual factory, amid the contingencies of history, and give the church its physiognomy and its Christian features visible over time. This ecclesial architecture is never interrupted by charismatic initiatives that shape and renew the Church according to the divine plan work.

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But we also have the attention to detail of the Christian people who are carriers of Gospel values ​​and should be light of the world and salt of the earth. The Church plays his destiny, so to speak, in men and women of flesh and bones that are compose of it. The Church is much more than all the Christians, because God is a mystery, but the lives of these men and women express and takes the mystery that is humanly incomprehensible.

The increasing involvement in world joys and activities has caused many people to fall the victim of stray as well as stress. People who are blindly following world ultimately become the victim of psychological disorders and they are strongly suggested to go for Christian counseling so that they can once again lead a normal life and you can gain more info in this regard here.