How to Properly Choose Your Sleep Mask?

The Degree of Opacity

A good quality sleep mask is a well-occulting sleep mask. Concretely, the face of the sleep mask that comes into contact with the eyes must be black to hide the light well. Imagine that there is light, it is still very comfortable sleeping with a sleep mask even if it is made of synthetic fabric. If you cannot try the sleeping mask you are interested in, rely on the reviews of the other users. In any case, you should know that it is really important that you choose a sleep mask with a reliable opacity.

Adjustment and Comfort Options

For you to fully customize your sleep mask, you will need to check the adjustment and comfort options. This is mostly to look at if the comfort mask can be adjusted to your back of the head and then you will also need to check if it fully covers your eyes.

Generally, the size of a sleep mask is adjusted from behind and in terms of comfort options, you simply have to check if the model does not disturb you during your sleep. It must be able to match with the curves of your face without bothering you. Do not forget to opt for a model whose design you like so as not to have regrets later.

The Models We Recommend

With the above mentioned points, you can find the right model for you, we have done some research and found the most suitable models of the current market. If you choose one of them, you can hope to recover the quality of your sleep for sure.

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The Stellar brand has designed the hand-made black sleep mask. It includes a foam and suede lining with stretchy Velcro straps, so that you can adjust the size as you like. It has a very simple and lightweight design and it is very comfortable and allows you to sleep quietly where you want.

Sleep Master

This firm offers you a lot of high quality sleep masks with integrated earplugs. It effectively reduces the effects of light by blocking its passage through your eyes. It is very soft and durable and wide enough to cover your eyes fully. It is washable and does not contain latex.


It offers you relaxing sleep mask at really cheap prices while it very comfortable. It is available in black color of very good quality with classic design. It slips easily over your eyes preventing any light from passing. It is perfectly opaque and fulfills perfectly its role of covering eyes.