David Copperfield – The Legend Continues!

David Copperfield, the renowned American Illusionist, was born on September 16, 1956 in Metuchen, New Jersey, United States.

In 1974, he graduated from Metuchen High School. At 16, he did a course of magic at New York University. He debuted at a very young age, with the stage name of Davino charging $5 per show. His talent for magic also impressed the Society of American Magicians, making him the youngest member. As a student, he taught magic at New York University in Manhattan and muted theatergoers on Broadway with his favorite trick Disappearance.

He finished his studies in Metuchen, New Jersey and enrolled in Fordham University. He spent three years studying to premiere a new musical called The Magic Man in Chicago and was immediately accepted. At the beginning of this show, which was the most successful musical, and that most remained in poster in Chicago, adopted the artistic name of David Copperfield, inspired by Charles Dickens.

CBS hired him for a series of special shows known as The Magic of David Copperfield. In 1984, The Magic of David Copperfield Vl achieved the Emmy and broke all TV ratings. During his eighth year on CBS, his special broadcast was for the Chinese Republic. The main event was that of the impressive 4,480-km China Wall. The structure that had kept the armies out for 500 years now became the illusion of David Copperfield, changing it under the eyes of thousands of the spectators. David hurried through the wall.

On March 30, when, on his ninth CBS Special, he announced the biggest trick he had ever made. He was released from a straitjacket, rigorously trained guards and trained dogs to become the first person capable of escaping Alcatraz.

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In 1982, he founded Project Magic, a rehabilitation program to help the disabled people recover the lost skills. The program was accredited by the American Occupational Therapy Association.

In 1993, he started dating the German supermodel Claudia Schiffer after he invited her to the stage in order to be a part of mind-reading trick. In January 1994, they committed themselves. Claudia Schiffer appeared on several occasions on stage with David Copperfield in the duration of their engagement. After a courtship of nearly six years, in 1999, the couple separated. With his new girlfriend Chloe Gosselin, who is a model from France, 28 years younger than him, he had a daughter namely Sky in 2010.