David Copperfield – The Most Celebrated Magician of All Time

Known for the combination of spectacular illusions and narration, David Copperfield is one of the best of his kind and one of the most influential magicians who have had the opportunity to know the present generations.

He began his professional career at the age of 12 and at age 16, he undertook a course of magic at New York University. In 1982 , David Copperfield founded the Project Magic, a rehabilitation program to help the disabled people regain their lost skills and capabilities. The program has been accredited by the American Occupational Therapy Association, and is in use in 1,000 hospitals around the world.

Appealing to millionaire investments for the accomplishment of each of his immense tricks, this is not precisely a type of magic that readers of this article can easily aspire to unless they are just as brilliant and as millionaires as David. To get a clear idea of the dimensions of his extravagant tricks, it is suffice to say that he has made the Statue of Liberty disappear on more than one occasion. Behind each one of his illusions is a true professional company which takes several years and much planning for the execution of the tricks.


He is the winner of 20 times at the Emmy Awards and got nominated at 38 occasions.
In 2009, he won with his illusions more than 30 million dollars.
He is the first illusionist to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
He is the possessor of 11 Guinness Records.

His most famous achievements are to make the Statue of Liberty disappear on a television show where the live assistants participated in the illusion, levitating over the Grand Canyon and passing through the Wall of China.

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David Copperfield strives to preserve for future generations the history of magic art and has a museum, namely International Museum & Library Of The Conjuring Arts, with the unique magical items of incalculable value such as books, antique accessories, historical facts related to magic and the belongings of the famous escape artist, Harry Houdini in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Magic Man is the name of the first musical in which David sang, danced, acted and created all the magic shows that appeared in the show. It was the beginning of this show when he began to adopt the stage name of David Copperfield, inspired by Charles Dickens. David Copperfield has taken the magic to new dimensions and has given a new meaning to the magic word, in fact, he has taken it to the heights never imagined before. There is no doubt that David Copperfield is the most celebrated magician of all time.