A Brief Biography of David Copperfield

David Copperfield became famous not only because of his undoubted capabilities, but also for being the envious boyfriend for years of the top model Claudia Schiffer, although it was rumored that theirs was a love for pure advertising purpose. David Copperfield, with that name which draws the sad stories of Dickens, in fact, his real name is David Kotkin, is still perhaps the greatest living illusionist to date.

Extraordinary, crazy and at the limit of science fiction were some of his business, the most famous of which was the staging of the disappearance of the Statue of Liberty.

Born in New Jersey on September 16, 1956, with a true and natural talent for stage-making, he began to play as a ventriloquist at the age of twelve as a prestigious artist.

In the USA, a land that is extremely ambitious, David is able to show everyone what his true potentials are. In a short time, he succeeded in establishing himself, thanks to a new way of presenting magic on stage.

David Copperfield succeeded first by performing with the classical repertoire of the magician and then with great illusions, to give a new, more dynamic and modern image of magic by proposing in his most popular American special television broadcast all over the world, a 360-degree show in tune with the needs and expectations of an increasingly difficult audience to amaze and entertain.

The disappearance of the Statue of Liberty and crossing of the Great Wall of China have just been hugely famous illusions. He did so many acts like this such as when he dropped and disappeared a $60,000 Ferrari, disappeared his personal jet, or even when he wiped out an Oriental Express carriage.

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In the midst of all these ‘disappearances’, one could not resist to be devoted to him, and in fact, he did not hesitate to experience the latest trick even on himself, even succeeding in flying, and thus realizing his own dream.

He has become a true celebrity, welcomed everywhere like the most famous movie stars. He enjoys the work of a large entourage of experts. The collaborators and specialists work with him in the idea of great illusions that David Copperfield is presenting exclusively during his television and theatrical performances. The true enthusiastic about magic and the history of illusionism he has a huge collection of antique magic tools, books and posters belonging to the greatest illusionists in history. His International Museum and Library of the Conjuring Arts is available to the world magical community.