David Copperfield – A Legend Forever in the Magic World

Known publicly as David Copperfield, David Seth Kotkin is the main reference of the current scenario what refers to the magic and illusionism. A lot of people consider him the most important magician in the history, although some of his colleagues discredit him. After so many years of success around the world, he still continue to amaze us with his mesmerizing illusions. If you are willing to watch his show, you can book your David Copperfield Tickets at cheapoticketing.com.

The First Steps

David Copperfield was born on September 16, 1956 in Metuchen, in the state of New Jersey, United States. He neared the world of magic since he was little, and he was barely ten years of age when he began to perform his own shows in the neighborhood where he lived. He tells the story that he charged a few dollars to act in the birthday parties, which caused a sensation for him being of a young age magician. At the age of twelve, he became the youngest member of the Society of American Magicians, and when he was about sixteen years old, he taught magic at New York University. His recognition was popularized and quickly increased, so it was not surprising that his first contract began with television channels and, with it, an arduous life which is full of laurels till today.

His Career

A huge number of prizes, millionaire profits, which are reflected in his eleven islands in Bahamas, and records of all kinds make up the journey of a man who, according to various specialists, is much more than a magician. The parallel to his famous work, which will leave him forever as a legend in the genre in question, David Copperfield has always been committed to the social reality. In the early 1980s, he devised and developed a project to help people who, for some reason, had motor disabilities. Undoubtedly, this aspect exalts him from the human aspect as much or more than in the professional aspect.

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Outstanding Trajectory

He is capable of surprising, intriguing, entertaining and bewitching the audience with absolutely impossible illusions which are further characterized by the compelling narration. David Copperfield became who he is today for the illusions such as the following;

The Disappearance of The Statue of Liberty in 1983
Flying Over the Grand Canyon in 1984
The Niagara Falls Challenge in 1990
Flying – Live the Dream in 1992
Unexplained Forces in 1995

He currently performs hundreds of annual shows in Las Vegas, where he carries out a long list of the attractive illusions to amaze you. As I mentioned in the beginning,