David Copperfield – The Most Famous Magician in the History of Magic World

To make the New York Statue of Liberty disappear and crossing through the Great Wall of China were some of the tricks that bewitched the whole world. The son of Russian immigrants, David Seth Kotkin, famous with his stage name David Copperfield, will celebrate his 61st birthday at the height of his professional career on 16th September, 2017. Being only eleven years old, he stunned the best magicians of the moment with his skills and variety of the tricks he offered to his small audience. So much so that, a year later, he was accepted into the Society of American Magicians, where he become the youngest participant to join that society.

In the beginning, the young apprentice called himself Davino, the magical child, but with time and the arrival of fame, he decided to change his pseudonym to David Copperfield in honor of one of the most famous protagonists of the novels, Charles Dickens.

His glory kept growing and spread throughout the world, and he enjoyed becoming the most celebrated magician in the history of magic world. The young man with piercing eyes managed to attract in 1994 Claudia Schiffer, the most famous model of the moment, with whom it he maintained the relation for six years. Fifteen years later, David married a French designer and model Chloe Gosselin, who was 30 years younger than him, and with whom he had a daughter, Sky.

At the age of 60, David Copperfield is considered to be the richest and one of the most famous magicians of all time. According to the annual list of the best paid celebrities which is published by Forbes magazine, the celebrated illusionist possesses the 20th position with a fortune that reaches more than 800 million dollars. His heritage includes 11 private islands in Bahamas with a dimension of more than 700 hectares which has been dubbed as the Islands of Copperfield Bay.

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David Copperfield currently performs in the Caribbean, at the MGM Grand Hotel and at the Las Vegas Casino, where his shows attract thousands of visitors every week.

At the age 60, his collection of awards and honors reflects a life of success and prestige, including 21 Emmy Awards for his special television programs, honored at the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a star, considered as ‘Magician of the century and of the millennium’. All this has been granted the title of ‘Living Legend’ by the Library of Congress of the United States.

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